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Lantern Festival in Chengdu: Performances and Riddles

During the 2019 Lantern Festival, a series of rich cultural events were held in Chengdu. From February 18 to 19, the intangible cultural heritage Qinglinkou High Stage opera, which was inherited from the ancient town of Qinglinkou, Jiangyou, Sichuan Province, was unveiled at the "2019 Chengdu Grand Temple Fair in Wuhou Shrine". A parade of more than 40 villagers, dressed up in costumes of the figures of Three Kingdoms, presented folklore performances with rich cultural characteristics.

In Chengdu Huanhuaxi Park, 2019 "Our Holiday · Lantern Festival" attracted a large number of tourists. At the event site, "Fun Riddles", "Couplets Avenue" and other riddle activities were carried out. Paper-cuts, eggshell paintings and other intangible heritage activities were showcased. Lion dance performances, face changing in Sichuan opera and other large-scale parade performances were performed.  "Old Chengdu Photo Exhibition" was held. Visitors of all ages not only had a chance to understand the history and culture of Chengdu, but also truly felt the profound heritage of Tianfu culture.



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