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Survey on Ancient and Famous Trees in Sichuan Released

On February 20, 2019, the Sichuan Forestry and Grassland Bureau released the results of the survey of ancient and famous tree resources launched in May 2016: By 2018, there were 70,308 old and famous trees in Sichuan Province. Compared with the results of the first survey on ancient and famous trees in 2001, there was an additional 27,000 ancient and famous trees in Sichuan.

According to the regulations of relevant Chinese authorities, trees over 100 years old are generally considered as ancient trees, while trees with rare, precious or historical value and commemorative significance can be called famous trees. The results of this survey show that there are 70,214 ancient trees and 94 famous trees in Sichuan Province. Among them, the oldest tree is the Jian’ge Cypress, located in Cuiyunlang Scenic Spot, Hanyang Town, Jian’ge County, Guangyuan, Sichuan Province, which is over 2,300 years old.



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