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Chengdu Star-Rated Hotels Recorded RMB3.071b in Revenue between Jan and Nov 2018

    On January 14, 2019, the 2018 Chengdu Tourism and Star-rated Hotels Review Summary and 2019 Tourism and Hotel Quality Improvement and Innovation Development Work Conference took place in Chengdu. Released at the event, new data indicates that between January and November 2018, star-rated hotels in the city of Chengdu recorded RMB3.071 billion in business revenue, of which, dining contributed RMB976 million, accounting for 31.78% of total business revenue, while guest accommodation came in at RMB1.563 billion, occupying 50.9% of total. Average price for a room at a star-rated hotel was RMB426.21/night, average occupancy rate was 63.66%, each available guest room generated RMB 271.34/night in revenue, and each guest room averaged RMB533.1/night in business revenue.



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