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Projects in Chengdu Tianfu Jincheng Launched

On January 3, 2019, the projects in Chengdu Tianfu Jincheng were collectively started. As an historical urban zone of Chengdu, Tianfu Jincheng conveys rich historical connotation and covers long time span. After more than 2,000 years of spatial evolution, it has become a unban zone with the most intensive cultural resources, the most typical scenic spots, and the most authentic city life elements in Chengdu. In the future, Chengdu will sort the cultural context and resource characteristics of Tianfu Jincheng, integrate the scattered resources with the new display system to form a clear vision of the city, and support the construction of “Three Cities and Three Capitals”.

The projects in Tianfu Jincheng aim to create a “park city” historical neighborhood. Relying on a profound cultural background, the projects plan to create high-quality living, tourism and consumption environment. With the profound cultural background and historical and cultural tourism resources of Tianfu Jincheng, they will carry out functional business setup, landscape upgrading and traffic transformation for streets, neighborhoods and scenic spots according to the overall layout plan of “Eight Streets, Nine Neighborhoods and Ten Scenic Spots”.






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