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Chengdu Realized "One QR for All Public Transports" with Mobile Payment

Recently, Chengdu Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd, Chengdu Metro Operation Co., Ltd and Chengdu Tianfu Tong Financial Services Co., Ltd. jointly made an official announcement that QR scan function for Chengdu Metro has been fully launched, which indicates that Chengdu has taken the lead in realizing "One QR for All Public Transport" including bus, subway, and BRT.

Before using the QR, passengers need to download and register Tianfu Tong APP, and click "QR Ride" to recharge or scan the code. One can enjoy a 10% discount on the subway fare by using the QR. If one spends more than 200 yuan within a month, he/she will receive a 40% discount on the fare from 200 to 400 yuan. At present, the QR ride function supports Chengdu Metro and buses in urban Chengdu area, Ziyang City and Longquanyi District.


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