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Sichuan to Set up Giant Panda Science Research Institute

At the executive meeting of the Sichuan Provincial Government on January 8, 2019, a responsible person revealed that Sichuan will set up a giant panda science research institute to carry out basic scientific research on the genetic archives of the giant panda wild population, gene pools, and their habitat preservation and restoration technology. Reintroduction to the wild and population restoring will be carried out for small populations in multiple regions, and studies on breeding of captive-bred giant pandas, training and reintroduction to wilderness, and disease prevention and control will be conducted as well. Sichuan will also explore the establishment of a giant panda academy. By relying on colleges and universities, it aims to train professionals for the cultivation of giant pandas and associated species, habitat protection, and national park management, and encourage universities and research institutions to participate in the research and planning of the Giant Panda National Park policy formulation, design, ecological protection, scientific research monitoring, and joint construction with community.




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