Chengdu Tourism Promotion Held in Japan

  In order to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between Chengdu and Japan's tourism industry, the Chengdu Tourism Promotion Conference with the theme of "Touring Chengdu - Capital of Panda" was held in Tokyo, Japan. The responsible person of Chengdu Tourism Bureau promoted the tourism brands such as giant panda, Tianfu Greenway, Wuhou Shrine, Qingcheng Mountain, Dujiangyan Weir, characteristic towns, and delicious food. During the promotion, Chengdu Culture & Tourism Group and its affiliated companies signed a number of cooperation agreements with the Japanese counterparts.  

  According to the cooperation agreement signed between Culture & Tourism Group and Japan Spicy Alliance, through their respective cuisine, the two sides will further explore the tourism resources and promote the mutual support in the tourism market based on the accumulated source of customers for a long time. They will promote the popularity and global influence of their food brands by co-organizing food events, creating food weekly magazines/manuals, and making food maps. They will integrate their respective food resources and talents through regular exchange platforms and training cooperation.  

  In addition, the Chengdu Tourism Delegation also visited the Sapporo Economic and Tourism Bureau. The two sides conducted in-depth discussion on mutual exchange of travelers and on strengthening tourism and cultural exchanges. In January 2019, Sapporo City will host Hokkaido Products Exhibition in Ito Yokado in Chengdu to promote Sapporo's rich resources and cultural tourism resources to Chengdu citizens. Chengdu citizens can "taste Sapporo" close to their homes and experience the colorfulness of Sapporo City's cherry blossoms appreciation in spring, coolness in summer, red leaves viewing in autumn and snow in winter.

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