Chengdu Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau

I. Carry out in earnest the state's, province's and city's strategies, policies, laws, rules and regulations related to the development of the tourism industry, and draft relevant local rules and regulations; and draw up policies and measures for the whole city's tourism development.

II. Lead the work on the citywide tourism development, formulate and organize the implementation of the whole city's tourism industry development overall plan, special project plan, cross-regional plan and annual plan; lead the work on citywide tourism resource survey, plan, development and protection; and instruct innovative development of the whole city's leisure and vacation tourism, unique tourism products, and rural tourism.

III. Collaborate with relevant organs to advance tourism system and mechanism reform and innovation; take charge of coordinated development of the whole city's key tourism zones, key tourism projects and key tourism routes; instruct the construction of supplementary tourism infrastructure facilities, development of key tourism enterprises and works for tourism business recruitment and investment introduction, and take charge of carrying out regional tourism work.

IV. Formulate and organize the implementation of the whole city's domestic tourism and overseas tourism market development overall plan and annual plan; take charge of organizing and planning the whole city's foreign tourism sales and major promotion activities; instruct the whole city on foreign-related tourism affairs, and promote tourism international exchanges and cooperation.

V. Supervise and manage citywide travel agencies; collaborate with relevant organs to supervise and manage order in the tourism market and quality of tourism services, take charge in handling tourism complaints, and maintain and protect the legal rights of tourists and tourism operators; organize and implement standards related to tourism zone, tourism facility, tourism product and other aspects formulated by the state or the province, formulate and organize the implementation of local standards and industrial regulations for tourism development; take charge of the whole city's tourism environment comprehensive management and supervisory management; instruct works on tourism safety and tourism emergency response and rescue; instruct and promote citywide tourism industry spirit and civilization establishment, honor system establishment and businesses and works of industry organizations; and take charge of management of the national lodging industry.

VI. Take charge of monitoring the operation of tourism economy citywide; take charge of the establishment of tourism informationapplication, tourism statistics and publication of industry information; and collaborate with relevant organs to instruct vacation and tourism works.

VII. Formulate and organize implementation of citywide tourism human resource development plan, instruct personnel training of tourism industry citywide, and earnestly carry out tourism industry participant professional qualification standard and classification standard formulated by the state and the province.

VIII. Carry out relevant administrative approval items announced by the municipal government.

IX. Carry out other items delegated by the municipal party committee and the municipal government.

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