Chengdu Meteorological Bureau

Functions and Responsibilities:

I.Perform meteorological administrative management authority in accordance with the law, and take responsibility as main entity in meteorological administrative law enforcement.

II.Formulate and organize the implementation of Chengdu city's meteorological endeavor development strategy and plan. Take charge of the planning, establishment, management and operation of the whole city's meteorological business and service system.

III.Take charge of the plan, establishment and management of the whole city's comprehensive atmospheric monitoring, meteorological information technology service system, basic meteorological information processing and analysis, and forecasting system.

IV.Take responsibility for providing meteorological service for decision-making in disaster prevention, disaster reduction, economic establishment and social management to all levels of the government and based on the whole city's socio-economic development needs, and provide public meteorological service to the society and the public. Organize and perform citywide key program establishment, key economic project development, city planning and construction management, atmospheric pollution control, geological disaster prevention, thunder and lightning monitoring and preemptive warning, and other specialized meteorological services.

V.Take charge of the organization, management and implementation of the municipal government's meteorological emergency response work.

VI.Organize and implement the whole city's meteorological resource development, use, protection and verification, and provide decision-making evidence.

VII.Take charge of the organization, management and implementation of citywide weather modification works.

VIII.Perform administrative management function and responsibility with regards to lightning protection and safety in accordance with the law.

IX.Perform administrative management function and responsibility with regards to citywide balloon inflation and release in accordance with the law.

X.Carry out various types of objectives, missions and tasks delegated by the municipal party committee and the municipal government.



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