Chengdu Administration of Work Safety

Chengdu Administration of Work Safety 


(1) To implement national, provincial and municipal policies, guidelines laws and regulations concerning work safety, draft relevant local laws, regulations and provisions concerning the city’s work safety and occupational health, formulate policies, plans, sector standards and regulations of work safety and organize their implementation.

(2) To be responsible for the comprehensive work safety supervision and administration of the relevant municipal departments, governments at district (city) county level and to check and inform the implementation of work safety control indicators; to take the lead in organizing general inspection and specific inspection of work safety; to lead investigation and handling of major work safety accidents and supervise the implementation and accountability; to regularly analyze, forecast the city's work safety situation and release relevant information.

(3) To supervise the enforcement of laws and regulations on work safety by production and business units and inspect the work safety conditions, relevant equipment (special equipment excluded), materials and labor protection supplies; to supervise the major hazard control and hidden danger check, investigate and punish the related production and business units failing to satisfy safe work conditions; to carry out the supervision and inspection of workplace occupational health, the issuing and management of occupational health certificates, the “Three Simultaneities” occupational health inspection of newly built, renovated and expanded projects, technological transformation projects and technology introduction projects, the accreditation and supervision of the technical service agencies for occupational health check and assessment, the investigation and punishment of occupational hazardous accidents and other violations against the law and regulations.

(4) To manage work safety accession of non-coal mines and other production and business units which make products such as dangerous chemicals, non-pharmaceutical precursor chemicals, fireworks and crackers; to organize the implementation of work safety accession system in accordance with law; to be responsible for the work safety supervision and administration of dangerous chemicals, fireworks and crackers.

(5) To supervise and manage the “Three Simultaneities” situation between safety facilities and main works for newly built, renovated and expanded projects.

(6) To undertake performance evaluation and appraisals for special operation staff (special equipment operators excluded) and the qualification check-up for key personnel and work safety managers in factories, mines, commercial and trade sectors; to organize and guide the training of work safety and occupational health in factories, mines, commercial and trade sectors.

(7) To carry out work safety inspection and assessment on social intermediaries; to formulate scientific research plans of work safety and guide the major scientific researches, technology demonstration and promotion concerning work safety.

(8) To supervise and manage the city's work safety administrative law enforcement; to take the lead in organizing work safety emergency rescue; to collect the statistics of work safety casualties, occupational hazards detection and evaluation, occupational health surveillance and other information related to work safety administrative enforcement.

(9) To undertake work of the Work Safety Commission Office of Chengdu Municipal Government.

(10) To undertake administrative approval announced by the municipal government.

(11) To undertake other tasks assigned by the municipal Party committee and municipal government.

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