Transport Committee of Chengdu

Transport Committee of Chengdu 

Main Functions

1. To carry out national, provincial and municipal guidelines, policies, laws and regulations concerning transportation and draft relevant local laws, regulations and provisions; to formulate and implement strategies, medium and long-term development plans of citywide roads, waterways and public transportation (including buses, taxis, rail transit) sector.

2. To draw up subject plans for comprehensive transportation system, urban and rural transportation; to formulate plans for construction, maintenance and annual investment of recent infrastructure projects in the city's transportation industry and monitor their implementation; to review and assess the feasibility research reports of the key projects in the city’s transportation industry.

3. To formulate policies, mechanisms and technical standards for the construction and management of transportation infrastructure such as roads, waterways and their transport stations, and monitor the implementation; to be responsible for the administration of the bidding and tendering process, the quality, cost and safety of the construction projects in the city’s transportation industry; to take charge of the administration of the national, provincial trunk highways and municipal channels; to be responsible for the supervision and administration of the rural roads and waterways sector.

4. To be responsible for the administration of road transport and its related business (including road transport station, vehicle maintenance, vehicle driver’s training, passenger vehicle rental, freight forwarder and cargo stowage) and the sector of buses, taxi, rail transit, water transport and ships as well as crew members; to formulate transportation policies, technical and operational standards and supervise their implementation.

5. To undertake safety supervision and administration of citywide operational road transport, urban public transportation, water transport, road construction and maintenance, and railway crossing; to monitor and coordinate the operation of the road networks of municipal highways, provincial and state trunk roads; to be responsible for the administration of franchise in transportation sector; to participate in the pricing of transportation industry; to take charge of traffic administrative law enforcement.

6. To coordinate roads, waterways, railways, aviation, urban public transport, postal and other means of transportation and balance traffic demand; to organize passenger transport during major holidays, emergency passenger and cargo transport and transport of important goods; to be responsible for emergency command and emergency response; to organize and coordinate local traffic combat readiness and undertake related work of national defense mobilization.

7. To be responsible for the planning, construction and management of the city's intelligent transportation and IT application of the transportation sector; to guide the promotion of science and technology, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction in the transportation sector; to take charge of the administration of the parking lots sector; to organize international exchanges and cooperation.

8. To undertake daily work of the Leading Group Office for Comprehensive Traffic Coordination, the Specialized Commission Office for Comprehensive Transportation of the Urban and Rural Planning Commission and the Leading Group Office for the Development of Intelligent Transportation Information System 

9. To undertake administrative approval announced by the municipal government.

10. To undertake other tasks assigned by the municipal Party committee and municipal government.

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