Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau

Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau



1. Implement the state, provincial, and municipal principles, policies, laws and regulations on science and technology; draft relevant local laws and regulations.

2. Take the lead in formulating medium and long-term development plans and annual work plans on science and technology within the city; put forward implement major layout of scientific and technological development and priority areas; participate in formulating the science and technology planning of high-tech industries, modern agriculture, modern service industry and social development; promote the development of biomedical technology.

3. Take charge of the science and technology system reform; promote scientific and technological innovation system; demonstrate the application results of major scientific and technological achievements; formulate and implement policies for the construction of science and technology parks, incubators, engineering and technology research centers, public technology platform and other S&T innovation base and innovative service platform.

4. Draft and implement the budget and actual budget of technical and development funds of scientific and technological application, scientific research expenses and other special funds for science and technology; formulate policies and measures to increase the investment in science and technology; optimize the allocation of scientific and technological resources; strengthen financial services in the field of science and technology; take the lead in formulating technology venture capital policy; promote the establishment of venture capital system.

5. Formulate policies and measures to promote the social and economic development of urban and rural areas through science and technology; guide the rural construction and social undertakings construction with a focus on improving people's livelihood.

6. Promote the building of independent innovation capability; study and put forward policies encouraging the integration of production, academy and research; promote the transformation of scientific and technological results of institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions.

7. Take charge of the work related to the management of scientific and technological achievements, scientific and technological awards, science and technology confidentiality and technical market; and guide the construction of science and technology intermediary organizations.

8. Coordinate the work related to intellectual property rights; formulate the development plan of intellectual property rights; take charge of the patent management and law enforcement on patent; be responsible for matters concerning foreign-related intellectual property rights.

9. Take charge of the work related to the popularization and promotion of science and technology; be responsible for the work related to assessment and statistics of science and technology; coordinate with relevant departments to develop plans for building team of scientific and technological talents and propose suggestion.

10. Conduct exchanges and cooperation on science and technology with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan; take charge of the introduction of scientific and technological innovation; guide the scientific and technological work of departments of district, county and municipal government.

11. Conduct administrative examination and approval of items released by the municipal government.

12. Undertake other tasks assigned by the municipal committee and the municipal government.

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