Chengdu Municipal Development and Reform Commission

 Chengdu Municipal Development and Reform Commission

1.Implement the state, provincial and municipal principles, policies, laws, regulations and guidelines on development and reform; draft relevant local laws and regulations; formulate and implement the national economic and social development strategy, medium- and long-term planning and annual plan; make overall plans and coordinate the economic and social development of the city; study and analyze macro-economy conditions; put forward overall control targets and policy recommendations of economic and social development, economic structure optimization, price and grain.

2. Monitoring the economic and social development of the city; take charge of forecast and early warning, and information guidance; study major issues such as the operation of economy and aggregate balance; connect and balance the planning of major sectors; strengthen the macro-control in the process of implementation; submit the report on the national economic and social development plan to the Chengdu Municipal People's Congress and its Standing Committee as trusted by the Chengdu Municipal Government.

4. Advance and coordinate the reform of economic system; study major issues concerning the reform of the economic system; formulate the comprehensive reform plan of economic system; participate in the research and connection of special reform plan of economic system; participate in promoting comprehensive reform in city, districts and counties.

5. Manage investment on fixed assets throughout the city; study and put forward policies on the scale, structure, and fund source of fixed assets investment and other major investment; coordinate with relevant departments to formulate the productivity and major project layout; study and propose suggestion on investment arrangement of basic construction listed in the budget; guide and supervise the use of policy fund; report basic construction projects requiring the examination and approval of state and provincial government and reference to external conditions; examine and approve the basic construction projects within its power; release information of fixed-asset investment information to guide the direction of private capital investment.

6. Manage the key projects in the city; study and put forward annual investment plan on key projects, take charge of the coordination and assessment of key projects during the whole process; be responsible for the construction and management of key reserve projects; study and put forward management system and policies for key projects

7. Study and put forward plans of foreign capital utilization and outbound investment, the objectives and policies for aggregate balance and structural optimization; take charge of the aggregate control, structural optimization and monitoring of foreign debts; guide and coordinate the implementation of foreign loan projects.

8. Formulate and implement policies and measures for the inspection of major projects; take charge of the inspection and supervision of government investment projects.

 9. Coordinate the industrial development, and promote the strategic adjustment of the economic structure; formulate comprehensive industrial policies; supervise and inspect the implementation of policies and put forward relevant policies and suggestion; coordinate the major problems occurred in the development of the first, second and tertiary industries, and balance development plan and major policies; coordinate major issues in the agricultural and rural economic and social development; formulate strategies, regulations and major policies of high-tech industry development and advancement; guide the construction of independent innovation system; be responsible for mobilizing the economy of the city; coordinate and guide the development of the service industry; cooperate with relevant departments to draft the service industry development strategy, planning and major policies; coordinate the development of the strategic emerging industry.

10. Take charge of the planning of functional areas and urbanization.

11. Take charge of aggregate balance and macro-control of important commodities; study and analyze the operation of the market in and out of the city, and foreign trade; formulate and implement the total import and export volume plan of important agricultural products, industrial products and raw materials; cooperate with relevant departments to manage the reserves of cotton and other important materials; formulate development plan, overall layout and major adjustment policies of major commodity markets and production factor market.

12. Take charge of the relevance of national economy with social development policy; formulate social development strategy, overall planning and annual plan; formulate the population development strategy planning and population policy; coordinate the development policies concerning science and technology, education, culture, sports, civil affairs and social management to promote the construction of society; participate in the formulation of policies to promote employment, adjust the income distribution, improve the social security and coordinate economic development; coordinate major issues concerning social development and reform.

13. Promote sustainable development strategies; study major issues concerning the construction of a conservation-oriented society and the development of circular economy; formulate and implement the planning and policies for resource conservation, comprehensive utilization and the development of circular economy; participate in formulating and coordinating plans for environmental protection and ecological construction; participate in organizing and coordinating the management, development, utilization and protection of land; perform management on the relations between overall planning of the city, overall planning of land development, land improvement and protection, and land use planning with national economic and social development planning.

14. Guide, coordinate and comprehensively manage the bidding work of the city; supervise and inspect the bidding and bidding activities of construction projects of the state investment program.

15. Take the lead in planning and organize the coordination of regional cooperation; study the major issues in the development of regional economy; put forward policies related to regional economic development; conduct exchanges and cooperation in the field of economy, science and technology and culture among municipal governments.

16. Take charge of the food management and food macro-control; manage the distribution of grain in the society and ensure the supply of food for the military; be responsible for the grain reserve administration at the municipal level and guide the construction of the grain reserve system in the city; be responsible for the grain quality and safety during purchase and storage, manage and supervise the sanitation of raw grain stock; formulate and implement plans for food storage, processing and logistics; guide and coordinate infrastructure construction for food circulation; manage the use of food policy subsidies and special funds.

17.Manage the pricing in the city; monitor and analyze the operation of the price and put forward the relevant policies and price reform proposals; formulate and adjust the price of important commodity and major charge standards implemented by the municipal government according to the law;  supervise and inspect the implementation of price policy and propose suggestion on policies; guide and coordinate the supervision and management of price in the relevant departments of the municipal government and district or county government; investigate into and deal with violations and monopoly concerning price.

18. Conduct administrative examination and approval of items released by the municipal government.

19. Undertake other tasks assigned by the municipal committee and the municipal government.

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