A Date with Dufu

  On November 12 the Home in Chengdu editors met with 11 buddies from China, the United States, Germany, Nepal, India and Bangladesh at the Thatched Cottage of Du Fu. We tasted teas, checked out the views, learned about Chinese poetry culture, discussed about everything between heaven and earth, took a whole bunch of pictures and in general enjoyed an afternoon filled with fun and more fun~

  The tour guide is teaching our foreign friends how to read this line of poetry about "howling autumn winds in August".


  Not gloating or anything, but "Home in Chengdu" just looks so good.


  Bamboos and pines, here at the Thatched Cottage of Du Fu even the garden exude a culture of its own.


  Inside the Tang dynasty ruins of the original Thatched Cottage of Du Fu, the profundity of heritage captured everybody's undivided attention.


  Sipping some tea and shooting the breeze, perhaps this is the right way to spend a Chengdu weekend.


  For some of our foreign friends, this was their first time to the Thatched Cottage, yet it was also the second or even third time for some others. However, with all the new buddies and explanations provided by professional tour guides, everybody acquired a brand new and much deeper understanding about the Thatched Cottage of Du Fu:

  "I've been here once but it was just a casual stroll with another friend. We had no guide so that visit did not leave much of an impression. But this time was different, the guide was very informative and detailed, and I feel like my understanding of Chinese culture reached a whole new level. "

  "I love Chinese culture, I love Chengdu and I love the people here. It was awesome to have the opportunity to learn more about the culture here".

  "This was a fabulous experience! I had a blast and it was also great to make friends with so many wonderful people".

  Last but not least, the group pic!