Home in Chengdu, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  Home in Chengdu, Innovation & Entrepreneurship - Overseas Students' Trip of Exploring Industries in Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone was hold on November 30, 2017, commenced with participation from over 160 overseas students enrolled at the six higher education institutions of Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Southwest Jiaotong University,Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Sichuan Normal University and Chengdu University.

Visited Hi-tech Companies

Tianfu Software Park 

  The overseas students visited Chengdu XGiMi Technology Co., Ltd.and Chengdu Meihuan Technology Co., Ltd., experienced new applications for the television, obtained knowledge on the latest earthquake detection system and acquired a certain degree of understanding about the industrial configuration of the CDHT.


Jingrong International Plaza 

  The group of foreign students visited Silicon Valley and Microsoft incubators and other similar entities, innovation and entrepreneurship center, and Hi-Tech service supermarket, and thoroughly observed the optimized arrangements of technology, capital, human resources, services and other innovation resources of the CDHT, as well as the Zone's high and new technology service system that boasts an in-depth integration of the innovation chain, industrial chain and capital chain.


Experience the Entrepreneurial Atmosphere

  During lunchtime, the overseas students enjoyed a round of "maker's lunch" and conversations with various entrepreneurs at the Entrepreneurship Cafeteria.


  Entrepreneurship Marketplace was one of the most popular sections. More than ten Hi-tech enterprises showcased the most representative Hi-tech products and daily life-related service products in their respective repertoire. The student visitors browsed around and stopped at places that caught their attention, with the most popular "stores" being enterprises that were recruiting talents on site. Many overseas students lingered around and inquired with clear interests, and exchanges and interactions between the enterprises and students generated an ecstatic atmosphere, much like a bustling bazaar for inter nationalized start-up human resources.


Got the Most Authoritative Answers of Policy

  At the sharing session in the afternoon, relevant Chengdu Municipal Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office leaders pointed out that the "Home in Chengdu"program will advance further, with the hope of overhauling the entire foreign-related public service segment in order to attract more distinguished foreign talents in coming to Chengdu, which would be conducive to the growth of Chengdu's new economy and the city's pursuit of positioning itself as a National Central City that fully exhibits new developmental concepts. Relevant experts with the Chengdu Municipal Governmental Affairs Service Center, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and Entry & Exit Bureau of the Public Security Bureau explained about beneficial policies for overseas students and well-qualified foreign talents pertaining to invitation for employment in China, work visa, residence and other agendas, which would facilitate more high-level foreign talents in coming and staying in Chengdu.Relevant experts from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of CDHT presented info on the overall developmental status of industries in the Zone,as well as its excellent innovation and entrepreneurship service system and policies.

  After hearing their stories, the overseas students showed their passion for entrepreneurship and resolve for staying in Chengdu, with many engaged in extensive conversations with the keynote speakers during the interactive period at the end.



  I believe that after reviewing yesterday's fun, meaningful and insightful event, the participants are already expecting our next activity. Don't feel like you missed out something if you weren't with us yesterday because we will hold more event later on. You're more than welcome to join in.