Christmas Market

  On December 6, 2018, "Home in Chengdu" online platform and the Hilton Hotel Chengdu jointly organized the "Home in Chengdu - Offline Promotion – Christmas Market" event. In the afternoon, the "Home in Chengdu" online platform brought its cultural innovation products to the event site for showcase and interaction. The staff were also dressed in cute panda costumes to appear at the site, attracting foreign friends to stop for appreciation. Nearly 45 foreign friends came to the event site. While learning and experiencing platform cultural innovation products, they also interacted with the panda dolls, took photos, and shared the happiness of lighting Christmas tree.

  At 4 pm on December 6, 2018, "Panda" appeared at the event site, and pedestrians took out their mobile phones to take photos.

  At 6 pm on December 6, 2018, event participants increased. Many foreign friends went to the platform booth to learn about the related cultural innovation products and take photos with the panda dolls.

  At the end of the event, foreign friends also took photos with the "giant panda" as well as the children on the scene to record the happy moment.