Trick or Treat in Halloween

  On October 31, 2018, the "Home in Chengdu" online platform and Chengdu IFS Guojin Haoting Apartment jointly held the “Home in Chengdu · Panda Surprise Moment – Trick or Treat in Halloween". At 6:30 that night, dressed in cute panda costumes, staff from "Home in Chengdu" online platform appeared at the event venue, interacted with 35 foreign friends, and surprisingly distributed small candies to the children at the site. At the party venue filled with Halloween elements, our panda dolls also prepared elaborate holiday costumes and happily interacted with the foreign friends on the site, attracting foreign friends to come and take photos. At the end of the event, our lovely panda dolls also took photos with all the foreign friends on the scene to share the Halloween carnival.


  At 18:30 on the 31, "Panda" appeared at the event venue, and the children came up for candy distribution interaction.

  The party panda dolls chatted with foreign friends who just came to Chengdu, and took photos with them.



  The "evil" pumpkin lamp and head skeleton, accompanied by the "horror" finger biscuits, filled the night with magical and illusive atmosphere.

  At the end of the event, foreign friends took photos with the "Giant Panda" and shared their happiness.