A Date with Jinsha and Deers

On January 21, while the weather was nice, "Home in Chengdu" met up with about a dozen foreign associates from countries like the United States, Germany, Australia and Mexico, then headed to the Jinsha Site Museum and enjoyed a jolly good time with the adorable deers.

Want to know what kind of jolly good time we had? Scroll down and read on~


At 9:30am, we assembled outside the main gate of Jinsha Site Museum, ready to roll out!


The rare winter sunshine and the golden sun bird sculpture, a partnership made in heaven.


At this stage, our foreigner friends turned on their selfie-mode and there was no turning back.


Since we are at the Jinsha Site Museum, clearly we could not miss Jinsha's cultural symbol - the Golden Sun Bird. Under the guidance and accompaniment of "Home in Chengdu" our foreign friends arrived at the Exhibition Hall, saw key relics such as the golden sun bird and gold mask, and got a first hand understanding of the glories of the time-honored ancient Shu civilization.


Up next is the highlight of this trip - a date with the deers to embrace the new spring! 



Baby deers, here we come!



Everybody wanted to play with the deers.


Every deer loves a pat on the head.


No one could resist befriending (or feeding) this little white deer because it is just so cute.


At 11am, the "Home in Chengdu Journey of the Classics - A Date with Jinsha and Deers to Embrace the New Spring" activity came to a successful close, and we took a big group pic to remember the fond memories.


Next, behind the scenes


Already flying off into la la land.



Vying for and winning the cameraman's attention.


On the way to the Exhibition Hall, our foreigner friends were captivated by this "Tai Chi master" practicing a morning routine.

For foreign friends that could not make it this time, no worries! Stay tuned to "Home in Chengdu," leave a message or two and maybe we will bring you along on the next outing!

Tremendous thanks to the tremendous supports provided by Oakwood Residence Funder Chengdu and Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum for this activity.