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The One International Women's Film Festival

While The One International Women's Film Festival is holding, I want to introduce some films that are related to women~

China's E-sports Team Wins Gold Medals!

On September 1, Beijing time, the E-sports matches of the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games concluded successfully, accomplishing the debut of e-sports at the Asian Games.

Time for Some Thrills!

Instead of growing into a fat couch potato, why don't you follow me and seek some thrills along the streets and alleys in the city~

Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Festival

A total of 48 domestic and overseas bands comprised of nearly 500 young artists will convene to present performances.

Music Show Information for the Weekend

Everyone is busy for a week and finally have a rest!Want to relax?It??s a good idea that going to listen to music with your friends on weekends!

Latest Show Information in Chengdu

It's Friday!Work hard for a week.It's time to go out for a walk or a concert!Where do you want to go?

Where Are You Going on Weekends?

Weekend is coming!Last week, I recommended recent popular movies to everyone.This week, I will recommend some interesting places and per...

Let's Go To the Cinema Together!

?A lot of good-looking movies recently.Today, I come to recommend it to everyone.Let's watch a movie together on weekends.

"PLAY HOUSE Chinese Music Live" Launched

PLAY HOUSE China Music Live ?C Music Talent Competition