A Popular Face-swapping App Sparks Privacy Outcry

Deepfake first aroused people's concern when celebrities' faces were maliciously used in videos.

New Pandas!

Here are more stories and popular science for you panda fans besides their show.

What about a Three-month Musical Feast?

Once again in the season of hibiscus blossom, the 25th "Autumn in Chengdu" International Music Season opened.

Crafted Public Image of An Actress

Their designed public images are the ones behind the roles they played in TV shows or films.

Body Building in Chengdu Can Be Like This?

Is your gym card still being wasted in your home?

Schedule of Music in April

Chengdu is ready for mass music waves! I've carefully selected music festivals and concerts for you! Let's rock together!


The services would cost buyers little money to find someone to eat all kinds of high-calorie food.

Not in the mood. Somebody praise me!

"Praise service", a new business trend is growing rapidly.

"The Wondering Earth" Lands on Netflix!

They will translate the movie into 28 languages and broadcast it in 190 countries and regions around the world.

Discover Sci-Fi World in Chengdu

Apart from reading Science Fiction World, there are some other options for you to experience its sci-fi atmosphere.