Japanese Girls Vs. Chinese-style Makeup

Recently, "チャイボーグ," a makeup term from China, has become popular.

Homebody Life & Vigour

Get off your sofa and become a vigorous homebody by setting up a daily life plan.

Amazing Pet Uploaders on Bilibili!

Bilibili is a magical video website in China.

Low-cost Movie Poster Competition!

As cinemas are temporarily closed, we might as well make movie posters for fun.

the Best Financial Product in 2020?

Recently, "Switch" and "Ring Fit Adventure" have swept over inside and outside the circle of digital game enthusiasts.

Many Days without Outdoor Sports? Check This Out

With such "outdoor sports" devices installed at home, you can have enough exercise at home to keep fit.

Check out These Platforms Right Now!

Have you heard of "Free for a Limited Time"?

Chinese Kung Fu Self-Learning

You will be able to say goodbye to the soreness in your muscles, and get full refreshment despite the shut-in!

Have You Seen These Five Movies?

The five movies that unfortunately miss the Oscars.

Brain Exercise of Toy Challenge!

To complete any of them, it takes excellent observation and strong hands-on ability.