A Glance at the Reasons for the Shortage of Masks

Why are masks still in short supply.

Welcoming the Year of the Rat

Collected by Sichuan Museum

Zhilu Village: Birdcage Making

The Sichuan custom of birding arose in the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), giving birth to bamboo-weaved birdcage manufacturing in Gucheng Town, Pidu District.

Philosophy of Life in Chengdu

Emoto's philosophy of life in Chengdu in addition to his daily work and life.

Chengdu Puppetry Troupe

The significance of puppetry in today's world.

Weekly events

Weekly events 2019.12.20-2019.12.26

Image Dialogue Beyond Recorded Moments

Meticulously-arranged lights, shadows, and colors create an ambiguous space.

2019.12.13-2019.12.19 Weekly Events


A City of the Ancient Mediterranean!

Now, please follow us to Sichuan Museum for the amazing ancient city.