What's That Red Juice in Your Steak?

While the liquid that oozes out of the steak does resemble blood,it is actually just a mixture of water and a protein called myoglobin.

Spring in a Bite

Everything grows fast in spring,seasonal fruits and vegetables start to be seen on the market.

Why Do They Have Different Dishes?

It's in consideration of hygienic safety.

Three Steps to Becoming a Bubble Tea Master!

A cup of bubble tea caters to your taste and special dietary requirements is just three steps away.

How to Prepare a Hotpot at Home?

In this issue, let me show you how to get one!

Do You Know Molecular Gastronomy?

Technically,molecular gastronomy could be explained as the reconstruction of the form,taste and cooking method of food.

Challenging Snacks

The followings are really challenging even to brave foodies.

Is KFC Family Bucket Really for Whole Family?

The Family Bucket indicates the chiken family,not the family of any customer.

Why Luncheon Meat Not Breakfast/Diner Meat?

The newly created word was made up of Spices and Ham,indicating Spam was a kind of canned food made from spices and ham.

Craftsman and Sauce

The sauce makers there guard the sauce garden, and they alone shape the "soul" of Sichuan cuisine.