With this foodies'guide of chicken, my mother no longer has to worry that I cannot find a restaurants to serve my friends.

Explore “Hot Pot Lilliput”!

See what the objects in our daily life look like there.

Bamboo Rats Become Celebrity

Are you ready for the emoji of our new online celebrity "bamboo rats"?

Be A Happy Fat Indoorsman without Cola!

You might not be aware that there are quite a number of local sodas in many provinces and cities in China of different tastes and refreshments.

Eyes on Milk Tea~

Here are some exclusive milk tea recipes, which are contributed by our special team~

An Ice Cream away from Summer!

I'll tell you my secret about ice cream.

Gain weight on this street

Today, we will explore the fabulous Japanese-cuisine-variety street and see how many gourmet shops worth a visit there. Let's go and find them!

Spring Is Sweet

Since Chengdu is the kingdom of snacks, how can there be no sweet snacks?

Say~What am I to You?

So today, follow me and Get! Some! Milk Tea!

Hotpot, an Adventure of Palate

Walking through Chengdu when it is time for dinner, you will smell the special aroma of hotpot. People enjoy the warmth brought by hotpot in winter and love the...