Craftsman and Sauce

The sauce makers there guard the sauce garden, and they alone shape the "soul" of Sichuan cuisine.

Refrigerator Tips for Stocking Up Goods

HC has hence sorted out information on 10 fridges. Come and check them out!

Any Cooking Skills to Show?

Let's check out what novel dishes they have made~

The Golden Hour for Milk Tea

Why does milk tea never fail to appeal to the people

Journey of Pickles Around the World

As people around the world have their own unique formulas for pickled veggies.

Do You Know These Traditional Foods?

Most of the traditional Chinese festivals are closely related to food.

Why Are Instant Noodles Wavy?

Why are all instant noodles made curved.

Don’t Settle for Just Apples!

The following eight delicacies are the initial Christmas food.

Food & Delights in Chengdu

The most striking taste of the Sichuan cuisine.

The Most-disliked Meat in the US

Among the best-selling meats in China's market,which one has the lowest sales volume in the US?