Free Tickets for Time Museum!

I would go and visit it first to see what we can enjoy in the museum.

What do people say about Chengdu?

Recently. more than 10 bloggers in field of history, culture, food and fashion experienced a genuine life in Chengdu.

Sichuan Will Add Three National Wetland Parks

Among the three wetland parks, the largest one is Heilongtan Wetland Park.

Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park May Open Small Mountain Trains

According to the proposal, by 2025, Sichuan will build three representative mountain railways.

22 Major Chengdu Attractions Open Days in 2019

Such as Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum and Wuhou Shrine.

The Three Northern Song Pagodas in Pengzhou

They integrate the characteristics of northern pagodas and the west Sichuan's and are the representatives of Chinese Buddhist temples in Sichuan.

Night Tour on Jinjiang River

Night Tour on Jinjiang is opened for trial operation today!

Popular Places for Photos in Spring

I've put together a list of places where you can go sightseeing and take photos in spring! Let's go and check it out!

Tour on the Greenway: Chengdu People's New Way to Embrace Spring

"Tianfu Greenway" has a total planned length of nearly 17,000 kilometers.

Chengdu Bus: A Ride of Hot Pot and Joy

You can take a tour bus and appreciate the beautiful scenery of the city!