Free Tickets for Time Museum!

I would go and visit it first to see what we can enjoy in the museum.

What do people say about Chengdu?

Recently. more than 10 bloggers in field of history, culture, food and fashion experienced a genuine life in Chengdu.

Summer is incomplete without the lotus

Here are some tips on lotus-seeking trip in Chengdu.

The Long-Awaited Train will Run!

The newly completed Leshan-Yibin section of Chengdu-Guiyang Railway will be open on June 15.

Summer Perfect Time for Camping

How wonderful it is to fall asleep under the starry sky and wake up in the morning with birds' twitter and flowers' fragrance!

Sichuan Will Add Three National Wetland Parks

Among the three wetland parks, the largest one is Heilongtan Wetland Park.

Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park May Open Small Mountain Trains

According to the proposal, by 2025, Sichuan will build three representative mountain railways.

What's Your Vacation Plan for holiday?

The new 105 km Wenchuan-Barkam highway has been opened for operation at 24:00 on May 17th.

Visit 22 scenic spots for free!

The most recent open day will be this weekend

5 Special Tourist Routes!

a citizen large-scale tour activity, including 100 featured Chengdu tourist routes with five main themes.