"Chiji (Eating Chicken)", a current Chinese network buzzword, derives from a hot saying of the game Player unknown's Battlegrounds - "WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!"


    If you win the first prize in this game, the line "WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!" would appear on your screen, so players call this game as "Chiji", and like to ask partners "Hey, do you want to play 'Chiji' tonight?" if they want to form a game group. 

    But today, I am not asking you to play this game but inviting you to eat various delicious chicken meals all around the streets in Chengdu.


The Chicken Broth Shop @Xiaonan Street

    This restaurant is located on a busy street, decorated with carved overhanging beams and doors, square tables, long narrow benches, black brick-made walls, and its unique pillows. Customers can sit on the second floor and enjoy the antique beauty of the shop. The Chicken Broth Shop was opened in 2008. Ten years later, it has developed a great reputation. Locals and tourists alike have been drawn to it's renown chicken broth. It has six different kinds of chicken broth, mushroom, herbal cuisine, cuttlefish, Chinese yam, gingko, and bamboo shoot. The shop also provides some tasty snacks at reasonable prices.


    Gingko-Stewed Chicken

    A set meal for one man includes a portion of chicken broth, two side dishes, and a bowl of pumpkin rice. The chicken broth has been stewed earlier that day and can be served in 2-3 minutes in an antique earthenware pot. Customers can choose to add salt, as the chicken broth is unsalted. The chicken broth has been perfectly stewed: golden oil floating on the surface and tender chicken thoroughly cooked, giving customers a home style delicacy. The side dishes offered are also tasty, of which the dried turnip is crispy and worth trying. The shop also provides dishes like chicken salad and steamed potatoes.


    Environment: ★★★★

    Service: ★★★

    Flavour: ★★★★

    Set meal: RMB 26/Portion

    Average Price: RMB 33

Guoerjiang · Laziji @SOHO Fei City

    In West Sichuan, people usually call the chef "guoerjiang," just as they call teachers "jiaoshujiang" and consruction workers "niwajiang." Therefore, "Guoerjiang · Laziji" uses the name to tell customers that they are serious about making laziji (spicy chicken). After running traditional Sichuan cuisine restaurants for 9 years, the owner was ready to make some new moves. In 2015, he launched the "Find Delicacy in Sichuan" project, leading the team to visit cities in the province and find local delicious food for inspiration. God helps those who help themselves. In 2017, his first spicy chicken shop opened in Luojianian. In May 2018, the shop upgraded its cuisines and decoration. Customers can feel its attention to detail  from the chili-shaped chopstick racks and bird nest trays. Spicy chicken is cooked to order and the three shops in Chengdu only offer 100 dishes. Please come early for "Chicken Dinner."


    Xiong Abing Bon Bon Chicken

    Xiong Abing Bon Bon Chicken in Guoerjiang originated from Zhou's Bon Bon Chicken in Yingjing County, Ya'an. Xiong Abing is the fifth-generation successor of the delicacy that was listed as an intangible cultural heritage of Sichuan. Bon Bon Chicken has a special cooking method that needs two people to complete; One of them slices the chicken while the other one bumps the knife to ensure that every section is linked together by bones. And that's where the name Bon Bon Chicken comes from (an onomatopoeia for the sound produced from preparing the chicken). Then, pieces of chicken will be cooked thoroughly in mineral water and tossed in homemade chili oil. It tastes delicious, but not spicy. Customers can also add complimentary vegetables to the chili oil.


    Spicy Chicken with Green and Red Peppers

    Five minutes after ordering, a large portion of Spicy Chicken with Green and Red Peppers will be served. Different from the traditional method of stir-frying chicken with dried chilies, this dish uses a combination of special peppers, from Guizhou and Yunnan, and Jiange chicken. Everything is combined, continuously sauteed over a low fire for one hour, and finally topped with peanuts and sesame seeds. In order to satisfy customers, the shop sticks to a strict ratio of chicken to vegetables: two parts chicken, one part vegetables. The chicken is tender, the mushrooms are supple, and the peanuts are crispy. Customers can't put their chopsticks down, even as the heat builds with every bite.



    1. There are only two options: "mild" and "spicy". "Slightly spicy" is not an option.

    2. Customers can order lotus roots, king trumpet mushrooms, broad noodles, and many other side dishes to go with the main dish.

    3. Green and red peppers are only added as seasoning, and should not be eaten directly.

    Environment: ★★★★

    Service: ★★★★

    Flavour: ★★★★☆

    Spicy Chicken with Green and Red Peppers: RMB 99/Portion (excluding side dishes and noodles)

    Xiong Abing Bon Bon Chicken: RMB 48/Portion (including side dishes)

    Average Price: RMB 60

    With this foodies'guide of chicken, my mother no longer has to worry that I cannot find a restaurants to serve my friends. 



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