BBC Stunned by Chinese Tourists' Enthusiasm

    Regarding the most famous food in the UK, deep-fried fish & chips undoubtedly take the lead.


    A dish that is too common  to be discussed among the British people has now become the favorite of Chinese tourists. Here, we are going to talk about the top restaurant among all where this dish is served.


Scotts Fish and Chips

    Named Scotts Fish and Chips, it is a small restaurant located in a remote area in North Yorkshire. But every day, it is crowded by Chinese tourists, who will mainly =order fish & chips. This phenomenon is widely reported by British media, which even stuns BBC.


    This British chippy is overrun by hundreds of Chinese tourists after tour bus operators added it into the route. 

    Scotts Fish and Chips has even translated its menu into Cantonese and Mandarin due to the influx of far east tourists. 


    Nowadays, the staff of the restaurant will lean at the windows to wait for buses bringing Chinese tourists every day. As soon as the tourists get off, the staff will quickly count the number of the guests and get ready for work.

    The Scotts manager Roxy Vasai said: "We all look forward to a coach and when it is coming, we will shout 'they're here, there are roughly 20 to 40 customers! Let's make it ready for them'."


    The restaurant run by Scottish is located next to York. According to the restaurant, the number of Chinese tourists is 15 times of the past.


    According to the previous accounting, since 2012, Chinese tourists to Yorkshire increase steadily by a rate at 100% each year.

    Yorkshire in particular has benefited most from this boom, becoming one of the most popular destinations in the region and country for Chinese holidaymakers.

    Tourism from China has contributed considerably in value to the UK's economy as a whole.


    It seems that UK is happy to be noticed by such an oriental country, and signposts in Mandarin begin to appear in many tour spots.

    According to the owner of the restaurant, fish & chip has become a "must" on the wish list of Chinese tourists. This formerly unknown small restaurant has even begun to carry out direct cooperation with travel agencies in China.

    "We are very impressed by Chinese tourists - they are very friendly, smiley and happy". The restaurant has also launched a website and a messaging app on one of China's most popular social media platforms to promote business.




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