More Than "Stories of Yanxi Palace"

    It has been a while since Story of Yanxi Palace revealed its end. I'm wondering whether you are hungry for something else to watch.

    Well, Sister Wei is gone, but I'm still here with you!

    Let's find more series together!


    To begin with, get yourself familiar with a few major video sites in China:









    Find the "剧集 (Series Collection)" or "电视剧 (TV Series)", and you can search for a lot of hot TV series.



    After finding the TV show you want to watch, while you are not very sure about its quality (After all, it is a very serious decision to follow a new TV series through), you can go to movie.douban.com, enter the show's name in the search box, and check its rating.


    Generally speaking, if your overall requirements are not high, that is to say, to simply spend some time by watching a good TV series, shows rated between 7 to 8 can basically meet your needs. But if you aim high, you may be in a safer position by selecting those rated over 8. If you want to see a series with more rigorous logics, more excitement or more in-depth plots, 9 or above high-rate series are available as well!

    Select your series and start your pleasant journey~


    As a considerate friend, I have also collected several high-quality TV series from the major video websites for your autumn~

Better Call Saul


    Douban score: 9.5 on average

    The Chinese name of the series sounds very "coquettish", but it is actually a serious crime TV series. Set in 2002, the show tells the story of how an ordinary lawyer named Jimmy McGill works step by step in six years into Saul Goodman who is specialized in defending bad guys. On February 12, 2018, Better Call Saul also won the Best Screenplay of the 2018 American Screenwriters Union Awards for TV series.

    Watch via: v.qq.com, youku.com, Iqiyi.com



    Douban score: 8.95 on average

    Westworld is a sci-fi series released by HBO in 2016. The idea originated from the movie of the same name in 1973. The series tells the story of a giant high-tech westworld-themed paradise to meet the diversified desires of tourists. As the robot receptionists begin to form their own sense and mentality, they start to doubt the nature of the world and become awakened to rebel against human beings. The second season has already been updated.

    This kind of "brainstorm" story is to keep providing audience with unexpected episodes. It is especially fit for you to watch alone and keep wowing~

    Watch via: v.qq.com



    Douban score: 8.8 on average

    The students at Greendale Community College are "special" - there are "inferior students" in their high school days, housewives who have just divorced, and elderly people who “live to learn”. The Greendale Community College fulfills the “higher education” dreams of these people. In this education community like the adult edition of The Breakfast Club, everyone has deepened their understanding of each other through a series of events.

    It is a very meaningful and warm TV series recommended for watching with friends~

    Watch via: Iqiyi.com, v.qq.com, le.com



    Douban score: 8.5 on average

    The series is based on Conan Doyle's series of novels, Sherlock Holmes, although the background shifts from the original 19th century London to modern New York city. The former Scotland Yard consultant Sherlock Holmes, who is talented and good at reasoning, comes to a recovery center in New York to get rid of his drug addiction. Again he serves as a consultant to the local police. After his life gradually returns to the right track, Sherlock gets to know a nurse at the addiction treatment center named Joan Watson, who partners with him to solve many difficult cases.

    Watch via: iqiyi.com, youku.com

Now enjoy your own series!



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