2018 World Cities Culture (Tianfu)Symposium Opens in Chengdu

2018 World Cities Culture (Tianfu)Symposium Opens in Chengdu

On June 21, 2018, the 2018 World Cities Culture (Tianfu) Symposium, jointly hosted by the organization committee of the namesake World Cities Culture Forum (WCCF) and the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, opened in the Eastern Suburb Memory, a park in Chengdu. Delegates representing 22 WCCF member cities from 22 nations across the globe and nine key node cities on the “Belt and Road,” along with nearly 400 representatives from world-famous cultural creativity organizations and cultural celebrities gathered in Chengdu to discuss about cultural interchanges, cooperation, openness and sharing under the backdrop of the construction of the "Belt and Road".


In the activities of this forum, the big shots engaged in a series of global wisdom dialogues surrounding topics such as Belt and Road Cities - The Role of Culture in Redefining the Contours of the Global Economy Emerging World Cities - Cultural Creativity Promotes City Development and Urban Creativity - Building Creativity Asset and Brands. This was the first time the WCCF focused on the construction of the "Belt and Road," and invited the key cities along the "Belt and Road" outside the WCCF membership to participate in the forum.

In addition, during the span of the event, attending world cultural cities together announced the Chengdu Declaration of World Cities Culture Tianfu Symposium, and the WCCF organization committee issued the first "Belt and Road" world cities cultural development research report titled" Emerging World Cities -Connecting the World with Culture - Cultural Exchange and Dialogue among World Cities under the 'Belt and Road' Initiative", while the Cooperation Framework Agreement on Settlement of the "Belt and Road" World Cities Culture Center in Chengdu was signed between the Chengdu Media Group and the WCCF.

Conceived in 2012 by the world's most iconic cities of cultural significance such as London of the United Kingdom, New York City of the United States, Shanghai of China, Paris of France, Tokyo of Japan, Sydney of Australia, Johannesburg of South Africa and Istanbul of Turkey, the World Cities Culture Forum is a leading body in the global cultural sector. Founded with globally renowned cultural cities as bedrock, the organization aims to share urban cultural research data with policy-makers of different cities so as to engender the cultural development and future prosperity of cities.

The World Cities Culture Forum is comprised of 38 celebrated cultural cities around the world, including not only international metropolises like London, New York City, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai, but also "up and coming" stars like the relatively small American city of Austin, while Chengdu is the 34th member city of the WCCF.


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