Local Specialties of Chengdu

If foreigners leave Chengdu and return to their motherland one day, what do they want to bring back from Chengdu?

Got It | Let's Reading the Marketing Copy

What are you going to buy during this festival?

The life of contemporary people

What we discuss in our chat about the real life of contemporary people?

You Know Chinese Koi?

Koi symbolized wealth and good fortune in ancient times.

Three Steps to Make a Perfect Vacation

Did you know how to use these words after today's Chinese class?

Come On, Skilled Game Players

People can find jargons like "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" on social media. But what does that mean?

It's September!

At today's Chinese tutorial, I will review the categories and you are welcome to find your place.

Have U Studied Online Today?

How popular is China's online education?

Delicious Warning

Recently, "delicious warning" is a hot buzz baby on the Internet.

Maruko, Thank You!

Although this anime may never end, I still want to thank the "Mom" of Maruko for bringing us such wonderful childhood memories.