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Chengdu helper
High Time to Check Out Chengdu's New Parks

new parks come in all shapes and sizes appeared in Chengdu.

Apply for a China UnionPay Credit Card

This edition of Chengdu Helper will tell you how to get your own China UnionPay credit card.

Guide to 5G in Chengdu

Now, you are only two steps away from enjoying connections with the speed of light!

Car Rental Guide in Chengdu

Chengdu Helper offers a car rental guide for foreigner people in Chengdu.

No Idea How to Watch the WPFG? Read This!

On August 8, 2019, the 18th World Police and Fire Games will kick off in Chengdu.

A new life for your old clothing!

Today we will teach you how to seek out a "new life" for your old clothes.

Guide for ETC Application in Chengdu

Below is the guide for those who have not yet obtained their ETC!

Guide to Zongzi in Chengdu

Read over this guide and get ready for some sticky treats that will stick to your ribs and last in your memory.

How to Bring Your Pet to China

Let us take a look at how pet owners can smoothly clear customs!