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Tips for Efficient Metro Commute in Chengdu

Let us use the fabled "phone swipe" function to commute around on the Chengdu Metro

Greenway Guide in Chengdu

Spring has arrived. Let us visit the Tianfu Greenway and rejoice in Chengdu's new green lifestyle!

Plan B for Short Trips - How to Take the Coach

Comparing with the train, the coach is noted for its flexibility and more frequent departures, as well as the ability to reach farther, isolated destinations.

Where to Get Your "3C" Goods in Chengdu

We will give you the answer and the remedy.

2019 HSK Guide for Foreigners in Chengdu

At present, the HSK has become an objective and valid evaluation standard for Chinese learners in situations or for purposes such as academic grading, studying abroad in China and application for Chinese study abroad scholarship, as well as other function

Guide for Mailing Cross-Border Packages in Chengdu

What are the ways for mailing cross-border packages in Chengdu, and what are the steps or requirements?

How to Apply for Electronic Dog License in Chengdu

Today's Chengdu Helper will tell you how to get an electronic license for your dog.

Guide to Railway Stations in Chengdu

It is common to travel by train. Chengdu now enjoys four big railway stations at the four directions, from the completion of Chengdu Railway Station in 1952 to that of Chengdu West Railway Station at the end of 2018. As the 2019 Spring Festival travel ru

Guide to Seafood Purchase in Chengdu

As a fan of seafood, you can have a taste of the sea in Chengdu at anytime.

Plan A for Short Trips - How to Buy Train Ticket

So, how should a foreign national go about buying himself or herself a train ticket?