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A Simple Self-service Haircut Guide

In desperation, many people begin trying to be their own barbers.

Work Resumption

First day of returning to work,we need effective safety measures,in addition to a good working state.

Necessary Things for Work Resumption

I prepared a list of items for you to help you easily and safely return to work.

Attention! Protection Measures to Be Taken

This protection instruction for personal safety in workplaces issued by Chengdu Center for Disease Control and Prevention must be carefully read and observed!

These Business can be Processed at Home!

please collect this processing guideline of "cloud business".

2020 Monthly Calendar of New Events

2020 Monthly Calendar of New Events

Side Work is a Must?

"Side work is a must" hit the hot list of Weibo top search.

Side Work is a Must?

What will you do after work?

It's Really Time to Have Some 5G Fun

Where to Get 5G Connection?