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Enjoy a Night Jog in Chengdu

  In recent years, Chengdu has been seeing the birth of a number of citizens initiating their own nighttime jogging interest groups, known as "夜徒" in Chinese or roughly "night jog". After several years of improvement and advancement, local night jog has developed an increasingly wider and more sophisticated series of routes, within quite a few that cleverly link up many of the hot spots in the city. This edition of the Chengdu Helper recommends to everyone a short-distance night jog route suitable for newcomers: Hejiang Pavilion-Hongxingqiao Route.


  The Hejiang Pavilion-Hongxingqiao Route begins at the Hejiang Pavilion and terminates at Hongxingqiao Station on Line 3 of the Chengdu Metro, stretching for roughly four km and requiring about two to four hours. Why does it take so long to jog for just four clicks? That is because this is not just a simple jog, it's filled with other joys! A bevy of spots favored by online celebrities like the Hejiang Pavilion, Dachuan Alley, Tangba Street, Xiangxiang Alley and Tianfu Panda Tower are all included, making this a prime route whether you are in for some photos, foods or just checking out these landmarks. Speaking of which, now let's take a look at these landmarks!


Stop one: Hejiang Pavilion

  The Hejiang Pavilion is located at the confluence of the original Fuhe River and Nanhe River, thus it's called "Hejiang Pavilion," i.e. "Pavilion where rivers join". For some shots of the well-known Anshun Bridge and night scenes of the Jinjiang River, the Hejiang Pavilion is a top spot. On an evening when the sky is clear and visibility is high, capturing a perfect picture is simply a few clicks away!


  Tips: Take Bus No.82 or No.343 to the Hejiang Pavilion


Stop two: Dachuan Alley

  From the Hejiang Pavilion, follow South Tianxianqiao Road to the north to find Dachuan Alley, which is Chengdu's first original gallery street zone and is filled with things to see and do. In terms of landscape design, a prominent Chengdu urban flair has been preserved while introducing trendy elements like oil painting, novel merchandisers, bars and cafés. Whether you are into Chengdu's urban charisma or things new and hip, Dachuan Alley is the place for you. Last week Chengdu Helper published a detailed guide to the area, check it out here.



Stop three: Tangba Street

  Tangba Street is situated just a bit north of Dachuan Alley not too far from each other. In September 2018, the official website of U.K.-based authoritative tourist guide and magazine Time Out issued an article on the  "50 Coolest Neighborhoods in the World," and on this list the highest-ranked area in China is Chengdu's Tangba Street. The area is a magnet for foreign eateries, so why not stop for an evening meal or a cup of coffee before proceeding. However, two top vote-getters on the street, as in coffeehouses "Let's Grind" and "Yeclip Coffee", both close at 19:00, thus come early if you don't want to miss them. For a closer look at all that Tangba Street has to offer, Chengdu Helper already has a helpful guide here.



Photo by Cheer Chan


Stop four: Xiangxiang Alley

  After a stroll along Tangba Street, pass by Shudu Avenue and Dongfeng Road to reach Xiangxiang Alley, where there are also a litany of awesome places to visit, from bookstores favored by online KOLs and the former People's Paper Carton Factory to shops selling all sorts of foods and cultural and creative products. Want to make the most out of Xiangxiang Alley? Check out this helper from Chengdu Helper. In addition, this night jog route incorporates pathways next to Xiangxiang Alley, which include esplanade and landscapes specially designed by Chenghua District of Chengdu.



Photo by Stonel Liu

  Tips: Xiangxiang Alley features a load of fantastic photography spot, but some of them are not ideal for the evening due to the lack of lighting, so daytime might be more suitable for those that want to take photos here.

Stop five: Tianfu Panda Tower

  After leaving Xiangxiang Alley, it's high time to head toward the Tianfu Chengdu Tower. At a height of 339m, the tower is thus nicknamed "339". Surrounding this skyline emblem is a lot of bars and nighttime entertainment establishments, and for those thirsty for a drink, make a pit stop here to refuel and quench your thirst, or just end the night here at one of the booming venues. Other than drinks, there is a concentration of great foods near the 339 and at adjacent Xianghe Lane popular among Chengdu locals, so foodies might opt to first look around before diving in and filling up. If weather conditions permit, take a ride up the lift to the sightseeing platform on the Tianfu Chengdu Tower, which is suspended 218m above ground and one of the coolest places for a bird's eye view and panoramic photos of the beautiful city!



  Tips: There is a revolving restaurant on the Tianfu Chengdu Tower, and the price here is approximately RMB250 per person. The flavors are passable, but the views are certainly breathtaking.

  As such, this covers all the major destinations on this night jog route, and for those that want to call it a night, following Huaxing Road directly to Hongxingqiao Station of the Chengdu Metro. For those that have just warmed up, jog along the Mengzui Bay esplanade and theme park esplanade to reach Hongxingqiao Station, and the slight detour will give you a view at the massive LED across the river particularly stunning at night. However, the visual effects are very vibrant and photos are hard to take. I've tried more than a dozen shots but did not get the result I wanted, but why not bring along your phone or camera and try it yourself!

  Some Photos are from the internet.



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