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Apply for a China UnionPay Credit Card

  Sick of carrying a wad of cash when you go out? Other than mobile payment, card payment perhaps is a good and popular choice. Although quite a number of businesses in Chengdu accept Visa, MasterCard, JCB and other international credit cards, we sometimes encounter problems such as multi-currency settlement or a merchant that does not accept international credit card. The fact is, almost all businesses that accept payment cards in Chengdu, from the swankiest brands to hole-in-the-wall stores, will accept China UnionPay card, which is seen as a necessity for living in Chengdu. This edition of Chengdu Helper will tell you how to get your own China UnionPay credit card.


Step 1

Prepare documents

  At present, the majority of banks in Chengdu issue China UnionPay cards, and the main application materials are the issuing bank's credit card application form and personal identification document like passport or visa, but sometimes residence permit or work permit might also be required. 

  In addition, banks usually have minimum age requirement for the application of a credit card for a foreigner, usually applicants have to be at least 18 to 25 years of age. The inclusion of materials to prove one's financial capacity, such as real estate certificate, cash statement or proof of asset from the issuing bank are conducive to raising your line of credit.

  Recommended banks: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), China Construction Bank (CBC) and Bank of China (BOC)


Step 2

Activate card

  If the bank accepts your credit card application, the credit card issuance notification letter and credit card will be sent to the successful applicant via mail. The credit card issuance notification letter will specify the line of credit, card activation deadline and activation method, among other info. To choose an activation method that is convenient for you, then to activate your card, and you can enjoy your spending spree as a new cardholder.

  Tips:After activating your card, remember to set you password and sign the card to ensure the security of your money.

Card functions

  Credit card has many features, such as payment for shopping, emergency cash withdrawal, payment pre-approval and payment in installments. Furthermore, quite a number of banks provide services such as line of credit adjustment, SMS notification and account statements to make it easier for cardholders to manage their asset. Like most other credit cards, a China UnionPay credit card also runs promotions like shopping discounts or points redemption for gifts, so keep a look out next time you spend with your card.

UnionPay International

  Other than China itself, China UnionPay has expanded its business network to more than 170 countries and regions across the globe. If you would like to use your card in countries and regions outside of China, remember to take in account factors such as currency supported by the type of card you applied for. Moreover, China UnionPay and the issuing bank might routinely roll out different promo activities for card payment overseas like cash rebate for card spendings overseas or extra discounts.

  If the functionality or flexibility of a sole China UnionPay credit card might be too limited for you, choose a dual currency credit card when you apply. This type of credit card usually works with both China UnionPay and an international payment company like Visa, so as to ensure that cardholders spend and pay wherever and whenever they like around the globe.


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