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Guide to 5G in Chengdu

  Beginning in August, quite a few 5G phones have emerged in the market, and the three major telecom operators China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom have all unveiled their 5G data plans. Chengdu, as one of the first 5G trial site cities in China, boasts 5G coverage across most territories. Now, you are only two steps away from enjoying connections with the speed of light!


Get a 5G Mobile Phone

  Think back to the transition period when we switched from 3G to 4G, users need to go to the physical store to get a new SIM card. But this time around, upgrade to 5G without the hassles associated with getting a new card or a new number. Simply get your hands on a 5G-enabled phone and activate a 5G data plan, so it's more like an "auto upgrade".

  As of August 20, 2019, only ZTE, Huawei, Samsung and China Mobile have rolled out their own 5G phones, and relatively speaking, price tags are higher than their 4G counterparts. However, various phone makers have indicated that 5G products will be marketed in 2019, and it has been estimated that more 5G models with different configurations and in different price range will hit the shelves in September and on.


  To purchase a phone, you could first check out Chengdu Helper article 3C Product Purchase Guide. Since there are not many readily available 5G phones, remember to check if the model you want is in stock. Other than regular channels, the physical stores and official websites of the three major telecom operators also offer phones in stock or reservation order service.

  Tip: The iPhone model anticipated to release in September 2019 does not support 5G, so Apple users might have to wait a bit longer.


Active 5G Data Plan

  At present, all three major telecom operators in Chengdu offer 5G data plans, and for August and September 2019, users are granted 100G of 5G data free of charge. Yes, a hundred G, for free! Steps for activation are as below:

  China Mobile: Users with 5G phones may apply for sample 5G data plan free of charge.

  China Unicom: Users with 5G phones may apply online via the China Unicom app.

  China Telecom: Insert SIM card into 5G phone, then send text "KT5GTYB" to 10001.

  Of course, you may also opt to proceed to one of the operators' physical stores or official websites to purchase a new phone, and activate the 5G data plan while you are at it.

  Tips: At present, all three major operators will stop offering sample 5G data plan by the end of September, so remember to pay the bills and confirm data plan changes to make sure you can use the plan you desire. 


Signal Coverage

  Take China Mobile Chengdu for example, popular locations like Chengdu Tianfu Square, Taikoo Li, Kuanzhai Alleys and Jinli all boast China Mobile 5G coverage, while the office building zones like Century City, Tianfu Software Park and Western China International Expo City also enjoy 5G service. It has been projected that by the end of 2019, China Mobile Chengdu will operate more than 3,000 5G base stations across the city to further enlarge signal coverage area.

  Actually, at present all three major operators are steadily pushing forward their 5G coverage. As of August 2019, various areas around Chengdu have 5G coverage, but for specific locations, it would be advisable to consult the corresponding operator.

  If you want to be among the "early adopters" to experience the lightning-fast speed of 5G, now is a good time to acquire a 5G phone! If you want to stay with the majority, then wait for more 5G models and data plans to appear before making a decision. Let us jointly look forward to the beautiful life that 5G will engender~


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