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High Time to Check Out Chengdu's New Parks

Chengdu is in the midst of an ambitious endeavor of positioning itself as a beautiful and habitable park city, with plans calling for the gradual creation of 100 urban parks across its territory in the next 3 to 5 years.

From People's Park, Wangjiang Tower Park and other old parks that carry the memories of generations of Chengdu-dwellers, to the Tianfu Greenway system, Longquanshan Urban Forest Park, new parks come in all shapes and sizes.


This year, several new urban parks materialized around Chengdu, and they quickly emerged as hot destinations for many Chengdu residents. The balmy autumn is high time to check out these parks, and let this guide help you make the most out of your trips!

Nature and Scenery

Zhonghe Wetland Park

Located on Jincheng Greenway, Zhonghe Wetland Park is connected directly to Jincheng Greenway, in which lakes and municipal public spaces seamlessly integrate with each other.



Water scenery

The park's water bodies and wetlands not only help mitigate floods and allay pressure in associated drainage basins, but have also been transformed into various types of ecological landscapes, including shallow beaches, lakes, hills, depression, which are both visually pleasing and environmentally significant.


Flora and fauna

About a hundred species of plants grow verdantly around the lakes, which also offer ideal habitats for a myriad of birds, insects and fish, making this a prime spot for animal and plant shutterbugs! Supposedly a flower and plant seeding base is being built here, which would probably make it a convenient spot to flower buyers in the future!


Add.: On the eastern side of the junction between the City Loop Highway in the south and the Jin River

Directions: Take bus 240a and alight at Zhonghe Xinmin Market Station


Beihu Ecological Park

At present, both phase one and phase two of North Lake Eco Park have been completed and are opened to the public. Within the park are nearly one hundred primitive growth plants such as huangge fig tree, cherry blossom and geranium.



Giant panda elements 

Based upon phase one's group of 8 unique sceneries such as "panda post house," "panda world" and "moonlight hill," phase two added a raft of selfie-worthy giant panda elements like the hollowed-out panda sculpture which is raising its claws and located at the southern entrance of the park, panda sculptures around the lake, and panda sculptures inspired by the "four gentlemen" represented by the plum blossom, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum.




Suspension bridge

A sightseeing suspension bridge nearly 200m in length stretches from the "moonlight hill," a high point and scenic spot in the park, to the shore of the lake. Climb up, stand by the rail and revel in a panoramic view of the area.


 北湖公园4 廊桥.jpg

Greenway connections 

The greenway system, totaling 15km in length and ideal for biking and running, cuts across Beihu Ecological Park and joins with the Panda Greenway in the south and the Jincheng Greenway in the north. In addition, within the park are other pathways suitable for a leisurely stroll such as Romantic Greenway and Forest Lake View Zen Trail.


北湖公园5 绿道骑行.jpg

Add.: Qinglong Road

Directions: Take Bus No.85 or No.87 and alight at Beihu Ecological Park

Culture and Arts

Chengdu Outdoor Music Park

Located in the Fenghuang Mountain area in the northern part of the city, the Chengdu Outdoor Music Park is the first landmark urban park in Chengdu that centers on the outdoor music plaza as its main theme. It has already become a top venue for performances in the city.


Unique stage

The main stage of the park is constructed from a structure of steel and membranes with a height of 50m and a width of 180m, which can host concerts or music festivals attended by an audience of more than 40,000. The park also has several small and medium-sized stages and theaters based on the natural themes such as water, rocks, forests and wind, offering visitors a wide range of different music experience.

成都露天音乐公园 场馆3.jpg

Creative zoning

Based on the functions, the park has been divided into numerous zones including the Cultural Creation Zone: Qin Stage, Music Corridor and Cultural Sculpture Plaza; the Fashion Show Zone: Fashion Creation Park, Flower Stage and three theaters; and the Sports and Leisure Zone: 4 five-a-side football fields, RV camp site, Children's Park, Pet's Park and Extreme Sports Venue. The park has been decked out with a comprehensive suite of facilities and amenities like restaurant and recreational area, so as to allow visitors to relish in the music while enjoying a scrumptious meal and replenishing energy.


成都露天音乐公园 场馆.jpg

Add.: Low hills region of Fenghuang Mountain on the outside of the 3rd Section of the North 3rd Ring Road

Directions: Take bus No.80 and alight at Eastern External Side of the 3rd Ring Road Fenghuang Overpass Station

Fu River Photography Park

The Fu River Photography Park is a vital node that links up the Panda Greenway and the Jincheng Greenway.



Pose for your photo shoot

Stroll on the bright and colorful "Rainbow Bridge" in the park, you can enjoy the view of the creative sculptures and artificial landscapes such as movie clapper boards scattered around the park, not to mention a panorama of the scenery of the Fu River. The Chengdu Contemporary Image Museum is also situated in the park, and it is a prime spot for staging a "run-in" with photography celebrities.


Floral arts


Add.: Southern part of Section One of North 3rd Ring Road

Directions: Take bus No.59 and alight at Jinfu Road Fu River Bridge Station


Sports and Recreation

"Community Garden" - Wanhua Park

Wanhua Park is a newly opened community park situated near residential communities. The park is divided into the three themed zones of "Happy and Dynamic Garden," "Romantic Garden" and "Platform Garden," which together incorporate functions like ecological greening, recreation and sports.



Recreational exercises

There are 2 outdoor basketball courts and 4 badminton courts inside the "Sports" for residents in the surrounding area to use for sports and exercise purposes. The colorful walkways form a striking contrast against the lush greenery. Furthermore, made by absorbent and permeable concrete, the walkways can keep the ground dry and even function as water storage.


Elegance and refinement

The "Romantic Garden" is noted for its verdant shades and vibrant flower patches crisscrossed by artificial water sceneries and waterways. The neat and elegant green space is very suitable for a post-meal stroll or a small break from the hectic city life. Moreover, much thoughts were dedicated to the design of illumination after dark, making it a fantastic locale for a romantic date!



Add.: Junction between 1st Wanhua Road and Wanhua Road

Directions: Take Chengdu Metro Line 4 and alight at West Railway Station.


Which one do you prefer? The tranquil greenway or the futuristic music plaza? Why not check them out this weekend, come back and let me know.



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