Panda Bus Ready! Quick Pass to Panda Base from Any Station on Second Ring BRT

From May 1st, 2019, Chengdu Public Transport Group will launch a tour route - "Panda Express". The Panda Express consists of two routes, Route 1 and Route 2, which are directly connected to the Panda Base via the northern half circle and southern half circle of Second Ring BRT respectively. Passengers can get to the Panda Base directly at any stop of the Second Ring BRT.


Panda Express Route 1

Route direction: the northern half circle of the Second Ring BRT

Time: 60 minutes

Stations: Jinsha Bus Station-Funan Xinqu Station-ShuhanLukou North Station-Yingmenkou North Station-Xi’nanJiaoda Station-Shangmao Avenue Cross Station-East Stationof NorthRailway Station -Gaosuntang Station-SanyouLukou Station-TaoxiLukou Station–JiansheLukou Station –South JiansheLukouStation - Panda Base

Panda Express Route 2

Route direction: the southern half circle of the Second Ring BRT

Time: 70 minutes

Stations: Jinsha Bus Station - GuanghuacunJiekou Station - Qingshuihe Station - ShaolingLukou Station - Hongpailou West Station - Hongpailou East Station –ZijingBeilukouStation - Rennan Overpass East Station - KehuaLukou Station - Donghu Park Station -Chengren Bus Station-LongzhouLukou Station-LianguiDonglukou Station-Niushikou Station-Shuangqiaozi South Station-Shuangqiaozi North Station-Wannianchang Station-ShuanglinBeizhilu Station-Panda Base


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