Have you taste this year's litchi?

Have you taste this year's litchi?

With the rising temperature, summer is coming quietly, and fresh litchis make their high-profile "debut" in Sichuan at about 120 yuan/kg.

On some online shopping platforms, the Fei Zi Xiao litchi named is sold at 20-30 yuan/jin, and the price of some sugar litchi reachs 128 yuan/kg. At supermarkets, most of the litchi is priced at 40-80 yuan/kg, and the price of some good varieties even exceeds that of the durian, almost the same as cherry.

the hot topic of "Cherry Freedom" and "Toona Bud Freedom", "Litchi Freedom" recently becomes a very popular topic.

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On "XX Freedom"

On the Internet, "XX Freedom" is usually used to describe the situation where someone is able to buy an item without hesitation, such as "Spicy Bar Freedom", "Litchi Freedom", "Cherry Freedom" and so on.

In February 2019, it was reported that the price of toona bud was as high as 200 yuan/jin and it aroused great concerns. At that time, some netizens joked that "Toona Bud Freedom" had replaced "Cherry Freedom" and become the new standard for self-evaluation of whether someone is living an abundant life. However, a report of jwview.com says that "The price of toona bud has a similar trend every year. It has the best quality in the early days of its marketing, so the price is very high. But, it will gradually decrease."

The same rule also applies to "Litchi Freedom".

According to weather.com.cn Guangdong Station, after the great harvest last year, litchi trees consumed a lot of nutrients, resulting in insufficient nutrition for blossoms. Also, the temperature was comparatively high in 2018's winter, so litchi trees could not accumulate sufficient nutrients for flowers and buds, which has caused the low production this year.


The reduced litchi production results in a decline in supply, which in turn drives up prices. According to a report of chinanews.com, in terms of local price of production area of early-maturing litchi varieties in recent days, the price of March Red litchi of Gaozhou in western Guangzhou is 30-40 yuan/kg, and the price of Bai Tang Ying litchi of Xuwen in Zhanjiang is 20-30 yuan/kg, which are probably both the highest price ranges of the two kinds in the past decade. However, different kinds of litchi ripen in different seasons. This time of the year is the beginning of litchis' ripe season, and litchis sold on the market are mostly early or ordinary ripe varieties. The price is likely to drop, though still slightly higher than last year, when wide varieties are marketed. By then, we believe "Litchi Freedom" could still be realized.

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