Guide to Bicycling in Chengdu
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Guide to Bicycling in Chengdu

  Urban alleys, Tianfu Greenway, wetland parks...bicycling is one of the best commuting methods for those looking to immerse into the beauty of Chengdu's slow-paced lifestyle. Other than riding on shared bicycles, you could also get your own bike to enhance the overall bicycling experience. This edition of the Chengdu Helper will show you how to pick and buy a bike that fits your needs and revel in the joy of Chengdu's bicycling life.

Buy a Bicycle

  There are so many ways to get your hands on a bicycle in Chendgu. However, if you are not very familiar with bicycles or do not speak Chinese very proficiently, the recommended avenue is to go to a specialty store or a dedicated athletic equipment marketplace because products sold at these places are more sturdy and reliable, salespersons can offer professional suggestions and guidance, and they have more comprehensive and convenient after sales services. On the other hand, if you have some experiences as a cyclist and have confidence in your spoken Chinese, then purchasing a bike online or via second-hand dealers may give you a bit more "bargaining space". In addition, certain large-scale supermarkets also sell bicycles that are adequate for daily commuting needs. 

  Tips: It is recommended that you also buy some protective gears along with your bike, with the most important item being the helmet, while gloves and goggles are optional based on your personal demands. If you intend to ride at night, bicycle lights and reflectors are highly suggested to ensure your safety.


Recommended Sellers

  Specialty Stores:

  Giant, Kehua Store (No.151-1 North Kehua Road, Chengdu City)

  Merida, Hongpailou Store (No.1 West Section of 2nd Ring Road, Chengdu City)

  XDS Bicycle Chengdu Specialty Store (No.201-1 Xiyulong Street, Chengdu City)

  Professional Malls:

  Decathlon, Tianfu Branch (No.1 Duhui Road, Chengdu City)

  Tutwo Professional Outdoor Sporting Goods (No.16 Xihua Avenue, Chengdu City)

  Online shopping:

  Taobao ( (

  Second-hand Dealers:

  Xianyu (second-hand market under Taobao)

  Ganji (

Search for Destination

  Whichever type of bicycle you end up buying, and whatever riding experience suits your desire, Chengdu can satisfy most if not all your needs. For an urban journey, the Qinglong Lake Wetland Park and Jincheng Greenway are two of many fantastic options; for some fun in the suburban area, the Huanglongxi Ancient Town and Jiezi Ancient Town are among the wonderful locales nearby. Chengdu 2nd Ring Road is your best bet for a flat highway route, while Puhong Road and Longquan Mountains offer the gauntlet of an incline highway experience. Yangtianwo would be the go-to spot for mountain biking as it is comprised of numerous alpine terrains of varying degrees of difficulty, though in general these are rather challenging and are more suited to mountain bike enthusiasts and thrill-seekers.


Recommended Destinations

  Urban bicycling:

  Qinglong Lake Wetland Park (150m south of Chengluo Avenue, Chengdu City)

  Jincheng Park (No.56 West Jinyue Road, Chengdu City)

Suburban bicycling:

  Huanglongxi Ancient Town (No.78 Huangjin Road, Huanglongxi Town, Chengdu City)

  Jiezi Ancient Town (No.1 Huifeng Road, Chongzhou City, Chengdu City)

Highway bicycling:

  Chengdu 2nd Ring Road

  Puhong Road, Dujiangyan City, Chengdu City

Mountain bicycling:

  Yangtianwo (Near No.502 Oupeng Avenue, Chengdu City)

Meet Some Friends

  Bicycling enthusiasts are often a part of their own "circles of friends" and if you are looking to find some acquaintances to ride together or to just communicate with other people and improve yourself, joining such interest group is a good idea. Owners of bike stores often have their own bicycling fan club and organize all sorts of biking activities and outings on a random schedule. Many of such clubs exist as QQ groups or WeChat groups, so it is quite convenient to join, build rapport and arrange to bike with other members. Just ask the shop owner about such groups and clubs when you buy your bicycle. In addition, cycling websites and forums are also pretty decent exchange and communication platforms.


Recommended Websites


  In English::Bike Radar(、Cycling Weekly(

  Last but not least, remember to observe traffic rules and regulations when cycling on public roads, this way you will have fun and stay safe while riding around Chengdu.


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