Travel Around the World! A Guide to Direct Flights from Chengdu
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Travel Around the World! A Guide to Direct Flights from Chengdu

As of the end of 2018, Chengdu had launched 114 international (regional) aerial routes, with a flight network that covered all five continents, making Chengdu the only city in central and western China with flights to all five continents of the world.

Last minute plan for traveling abroad can be easily achieved now. If you have a travel plan this year but have not decided on where to go, this travel guide from Chengdu may help you. Time to travel around this big world!

Recommended Routes to Each Continent 


Chengdu - Bangkok


* Destination airport: Bangkok / Suvarnabhumi Airport

Main carriers: Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Yunnan Lucky Air, Thai Airways International

Main models: A321 (Air China, Sichuan Airlines), A320 (China Eastern Airlines), B737 (Lucky Air), A330 (Thai Airways International)



*Destination/Airport: Phuket/Phuket International Airport

Main carriers: Air China, Sichuan Airlines, Thailand Nok Air

Main models: A320 (Air China), A321 (Sichuan Airlines), B737 (Nok Air)

Reason for recommendation: According to the 2018 Entry/Exit Big Data, the favorite travel destination of Sichuan people is Thailand. In recent years, Thailand has been affectionately dubbed "the backyard of Chengdu" by Chengdu people. In addition to its fashionable and lively capital Bangkok, you can also experience the sunshine and the sea landscape of Phuket.




* Destination/Airport: Amsterdam / Airport Schiphol

Main carriers: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Xiamen Air, China Southern Airlines

Main model: B787

Reason for recommendation: The Chengdu-Amsterdam flight debuted in 2006 is the first direct flight between southwest China and Europe. In addition to the signature sceneries such as windmills. Its capital city Amsterdam is the world-famous "City of Museums". There are also numerous museums and art galleries in the Netherlands where you can appreciate a large number of cultural and artistic treasures.



* Destination/ Airport: Copenhagen / Kastrup Airport

Main carriers: Sichuan Airlines, etc.

Main model: A330

Reason for recommendation: The Chengdu-Copenhagen direct flight launched in 2018 is Chengdu's first direct flight to northern Europe. As the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen perfectly integrates classical and modern style, and is known as one of the "happiest cities in the world".


Chengdu-San Francisco


*Destination/Airport: San Francisco/San Francisco International Airport

Main carrier: United Airlines

Main model: B787

Chengdu - New York


*Destination/Airport: New York/JFK Airport

Main airline: Hainan Airlines

Main model: B787

Reason for recommendation: The Chengdu-San Francisco direct flight opened in 2014 is the first direct route from central and western China to the United States, while the Chengdu-New York route opened in 2017 is the first direct flight from Chengdu to the east coast of the United States. San Francisco is known for its attractions of varied styles like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Fisherman's Wharf, while New York's prosperity and diversity is represented by the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street and Broadway.




*Destination/Airport: Sydney/Kingsford Smith Airport

Main carrier: Air China

Model: A330



*Destination/Airport: Melbourne/Melbourne Airport

Main carrier: Sichuan Airlines

Model: A330

Recommendation reason:

Sydney, with its crystal sea, blue sky, gentle wind and pleasant sunshine, and Melbourne, known as "Australia's Capital of Culture", are both representatives of harmonious coexistence of nature and human. With the opening of direct flights from Chengdu to Melbourne and Sydney, it is very convenient for Sichuan tourists to travel to Australia.




* Destination / Airport: Cairo / Cairo International Airport 

 Main carrier: Sichuan Airlines

Model: A330 

Reason for recommendation:

The Chengdu-Cairo direct flight debuted in 2018 is the first direct route from central and western China to Egypt. It takes Chengdu people less than half a day to arrive at this ancient country, explore the pyramids, one of the "World's Seven Wonders", watch the Nile River, the world's longest river, and visit its ancient temples.

More Destinations to Come

This year, Chengdu expects to open at least five international direct flights to Rome, Istanbul, Chicago, etc.


Tickets Tips:

Official websites of airlines: passengers can check-in for their flights on the official website of each air company.

OTA platforms:,,,,,, and their APPs can provide services such as ticket reservation and purchase.


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