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Greenway Guide in Chengdu

On September 2, 2017, the construction of the Tianfu Greenway, comprised of "one axis, two mountains, three rings, seven belts" as planned by the city of Chengdu, officially kicked off. As of December 31, 2018, the whole city of Chengdu has completed the construction of 2,607km of the Tianfu Greenway.

Following the construction of the Tianfu Greenway, greenway has become an integral part of the life of Chengdu folks. A visit to the greenway offers not only a chance for a stroll or some biking, but also views of flowers and waters and a round or two of great foods, in addition to participation in greenway concerts and other activities.


According to plans, by 2035 Chengdu would boast a system of 16,930km of greenways, divided into the regional, municipal and communal tiers, that covers the entire city territory. What are some of the highlights of the different tiers of greenways? Well, spring has arrived, so let us visit the Tianfu Greenway and rejoice in Chengdu's new green lifestyle!

Regional Greenways

The regional greenways form the main staple of the "one axis, two mountains, three rings, seven belts" greenway network, and after completion they would link up 66 industrial function zones and city clusters within the area.


Hallmark greenway: Jincheng Greenway

As a crucial ring in the "three rings" of the Tianfu Greenway system, the Jincheng Greenway is built alongside the City Ring Highway (Chengdu ecological belt). Totaling 200km in length (300km for its branches), it will connect 11 urban districts, and at present 180km has been completed in the first phase of the project.


Jinjiang District - Jiangjia Art Garden

Located in the Sansheng Flower Township Sector on the segment of the Jincheng Greenway between Chengdu-Zigong-Luzhou Highway and Chenglong Avenue, the Jiangjia Art Garden borders Jiangjia Vegetable Garden on the east, City Ring Highway on the south, Gaowei Park on the south and Jinjiang Avenue on the north. The area occupies roughly 142 hectares and is planned to consist of 2.8km of grade-one greenway and 3.8km of grade-two greenway, as well as 13.5km of pedestrian walkways (grade-three greenway) and 23 service stops in forms such as small wooden cottages and scenic pavilions and corridors.


As the first "agriculture-commerce-culture-tourism-sports" integrated development model zone of the Jincheng Greenway, for its debut on January 13, 2019, the Jiangjia Art Garden featured an arts exhibition that centered on Spanish architecture guru Antoni Gaudi, opened to admission free of charge. In the future, the grassland music festival, greenway music festival, RV music festival, outdoor theatre, light and sculpture exhibition, youth chess competition, Tai Chi exchange and other activities will also take place here.


Take bus No.186 or No.511 and alight at Jiangjia Caidi Station.

Hi-tech Zone - Guixi Eco Park

Stretching from Yizhou Avenue in the west to the Jin River in the east, the Guixi Eco Park is spread over 133.33 hectares and consists of 2km of grade-one greenway and 9km of grade-two greenway, as well as one unique park, four forest courtyard residences and one pavilion/tower.


The Guixi Eco Park is home to a wide range of sculptures given by international sister cities in countries like Poland and Finland, while Chengdu characteristics and international elements are incorporated to create an important foreign communication gateway of the city. In addition, within the park there are plans to construct greenway in forms such as lakeside greenway and low hill greenway that will combine into an ideal space for cross-country running.


Take Chengdu Metro Line 1, alight at Jincheng Plaza Station and walk.

Hallmark greenway: Panda Greenway


As the world's first panda-themed greenway, the Panda Greenway has already been completed and opened to the public. As a crucial ring in the "three rings," the Panda Greenway is also the country's biggest outdoor panda culture museum. It includes a loop of "urban parks" measuring 510 hectares in total area and 102km of modernized and high quality regional-level greenway.



The 3rd Ring Road Panda Greenway (Hi-tech Zone Segment) totals 11km in length and revolves around the "panda plus" theme. Not only are there photogenic spots for panda-themed wedding photos, but also cool and unique panda-themed badminton courts, panda-themed basketball courts and panda-themed slow running tracks.

Through the formation of vegetation scenery centering on "flower, fruit, bamboo, forest," a diverse vegetation scenery has been created: "flowers brocade" (Tianfu Overpass and surround area), golden fruits on tips of branches (on the outside of the Tianchang Road-Guixi Overpass),bamboo crafts and poetic romance (on the outside of the Nanganyan-Yixin Avenue area) and greenness across the Hibiscus City(throughout entire greenway), among other unique sceneries.

Transportation: Take Chengdu Metro Line 7, alight at Sichuan Normal University Station, then take bus No.343, and alight at 3rd Ring Road-Jiaozi Overpass West Station.

Hallmark greenway: Jincheng Greenway


As the vital "one axis" of the Chengdu Tianfu Greenway, the Jincheng Greenway starts at Dujiangyan, cuts across downtown Chengdu and terminates at Huanglongxi. The Jincheng Greenway measures 240km in total length (including grade-three greenway), and currently 63km has been completed.


Jiangtan Park

Jiangtan Park is a vital hub on the Jincheng Greenway axis. Bordering East Century City Road on the east, Guilin Bridge on the south and the Jin River on the east, at present it has been divided into two phases for upgrade and renovation, of which phase one has already officially concluded.


Emphasizing on the "creative Tianfu" cultural theme of the Jincheng Greenway, not only has the Jiangtan Park been embellished with trendy and creative elements focusing on Honor of Kings (Wangzhe Rongyao), but also outfitted with the likes of canoes, sand sculptures, skatepark, and Sichuan's largest beach that sprawls over roughly 6,000 square meters of area to provide a space of "fun and freedom" for energetic youngsters.

Transportation: Take Chengdu Metro Line 1, alight at 3rd Tianfu Street Station; or take bus No.118, No.102 or No.84 and alight at New Convention and Exhibition Center East Station; or take bus No.115 and alight at Century City Road Jiangtan Park Station.

Hallmark greenway: Pidu District - Qingshui River Urban Park Greenway


The Qingshui River Urban Park Greenway serves as a key node and a model segment of the Zouma River Greenway (Pidu suburban section), one of the "seven belts" of the greenway system. Running along both shores of the Qingshui River in the northwest of Jingrong Town of Pidu District, 15.6km of greenway has been completed, joining together core function zones such as Jingrong Town, Makers Park, Jingrong Lake and talent apartments.



The Qingshui River Urban Park Greenway highlights its "innovation and start-up" culture in the establishment of sceneries and support facilities. Chengdu's light rail "Rong No.2" is connected to the greenway, and contents such as WNT Lab, cafes and bookstores, handicraft experience center, extreme sports and RV exhibition have been incorporated, while support facilities include unmanned supermarket, smart physical exercise, meteorological displays, service request kiosks and others.

Transportation: Take Chengdu Metro Line 2, alight at Xipu Station, then take bus No.P28, alight at Jingrong Town Bus Station and walk.

Municipal Greenways

Municipal greenways refer to trunk greenways within the city, which combine to form an expansive network that links up with regional greenways


Hallmark greenway:

The Tianfu New Area - Smart Valley Greenway is noted for its hi-tech and futuristic atmosphere. It is a continuation of the distinct Mashi Yanyun Park Greenway of the Eastern Suburb Memory music park, Qingbaijiang District Land Port Greenway noted for its integration of Chengdu and European cultural elements, Wenjiang District Greenway famous for its sports and fitness aspects, Riverside Greenway where music, culture and creativity assemble, and Chongzhou Qimu River Wetland Greenway characterized by its quaint and artistic qualities.

Communal Greenways

Communal greenways are channels of slow transportation that traverse between communities and link up public service facilities such as schools, Metro stations, bus stations and hospitals to create 15-minutes daily life circle for local residents.


Hallmark greenway:

The Jinjiang District Chunshu Street Greenway, recognized for its "silk culture" theme, is an important conduit that connects regional greenways Panda Greenway and Jincheng Greenway, municipal greenway Chenglong Road Greenway and the East Village Green Axis Park. The Jinjiang District Chunshu Street Greenway will be equipped with 12 bicycle parking lots, vending machines, public restrooms and other public service facilities, in addition to children's playground, wide range of exercise equipment, arts and crafts, sculptures and other cultural and sports facilities.

Other than the aforesaid greenways, there are many more greenways that are linking up Chengdu's various poetic sceneries and picturesque views, waiting to be discovered!


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