Where to Get Your "3C" Goods in Chengdu
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Where to Get Your "3C" Goods in Chengdu

  Mobile phone, computer, camera and other "3C" gadgets (communication, computer and consumer electronics) have become indispensable in work and daily life, but for those not yet adequately familiar with the layout of the city, "where to buy" is not only a question but also a headache. We will give you the answer and the remedy.

Where to Buy

Electronics Marketplace

  Pros: Sufficient supply, comprehensive line-up, bargaining possibility

  Cons: Time on the road and commuting costs


  The majority of "3C" markets in Chengdu predominantly group together and exist as business districts. The Moziqiao business district located at Section 2 of South 1st Ring Road focuses on computers, but also offers other products like mobile phone, camera, miscellaneous digital gadgets, hardware for use with computer and software, as well as supplementary services; the South Taisheng Road business district located at its namesake South Taisheng Road is best known for mobile phones and relevant services. Whether you are in search of the main product itself or any spare parts, these electronics markets offer a diverse range of options, and consumers may benefit from the one-stop-shop convenience at these destinations, while the stall-based business layout affords visitors ample of bargaining space with each individual vendor.   

Recommended marketplaces

  Moziqiao business district: A-World Computer Shopping Center (No.17 Section 2 of South 1st Ring Road, Chengdu)

  South Taisheng Road business district: Saige Plaza (No.222 South Taisheng Road, Chengdu)

  Chengdu Hualing Southwest Photography Equipment Plaza (No.12 Wenjia Alley, Chengdu)

E-commerce Platform

  Pros: Comprehensive product mix, convenient search, done any time anywhere

  Cons: Lag time for delivery, slightly more troublesome after sales service


  Like their physical counterparts, e-commerce platforms also offer a raft of products and options. Although online after sales service is a bit less efficient than brick-and-mortar stores in general, but the search function provided by online shopping platforms is still super convenient. These e-commerce providers mostly belong to one of two categories in terms of operation, either they stock their own inventory and sell directly to customers like jd.com, whereby consumers directly buy products from the platform and enjoy relatively considerate and hasty after sales service at the expense of less product options; or they rely on tenant vendors that populate the marketplace like Taobao, whereby consumers buy products from third-party merchants and enjoy the wide array of offerings that are competitively and sometimes even negotiably priced, but at the expense of having to deal with somewhat lethargic after sales if and when the need arises.

Recommended platforms:

  Direct inventory and sales platform: jd.com

  Third-party vendor platform: Taobao

  Jd.com primarily focuses on stocking its own inventory and selling directly to consumers, though there are plenty of third-party merchants on the website. Check to see if the seller is a direct JD operation or a third-party vendor when canvassing through the merchandise webpage.

Large Vendors and Specialty Stores

  Pros: Great shopping experience, great after sales service

  Cons: Relatively higher prices, fewer product choices


  Big supermarkets, shopping centers or home appliance marts often have sections dedicated to 3C products, with some 3C brands selling at such venues through direct sales, franchise, special dealership, agents or other operation models. This type of vendors or specialty stores often offer relatively good shopping experience and convenient after sales service, along with trustworthy supply sources. However, due to operation costs associated with physical stores and regulations by associated brands, many such vendors and specialists are pricier compared with the rest of the market.

Recommended vendors:

  Suning, Gome, Apple

  Tips: Regardless of the channel used for purchase of product, remember to request the seller to provide formal invoice stamped with their official business seal, which is an important proof of purchase often needed for after sales service. The invoice could be in the paper-based or electronic format, and both are equally valid.

After Sales Service

  If the purchased product has a quality problem or malfunctioned, the buyer may seek after sales service. In general, such after sales service comes in three forms.

  1. "Three guarantees" service

  In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, within seven days of the sales of a product, if the product were to malfunction, consumer may elect to return the product for refund, obtain a replacement or ask for repair; when returning the product for refund, the seller should reimburse the full amount of the purchase in a one-time transaction as per the price stated on the invoice.

2. Official after sales service providers

  After the expiration of the "three guarantees" service period, if a product needs some fixing, owner may proceed to an officially designated after sales service provider. Most of the big-name brands on the market have set up after sales service locations in Chengdu, and in general the specific address of an after sales service location may be found on the brand's official website or the product's user manual.

3. Seller's after sales service

  After sales service for third-party assembled 3C products such as a DIY computer is usually provided by the merchant that sold the product. There are usually two kinds of after sales service of this sort, one being the merchant directly providing the after sales service, and the other being the merchant applying for after sales service from a spare part or component manufacturer on behalf of the user.

Tips: Regardless of the after sales service channel of choice, remember to bring your invoice as proof of your purchase and right for requesting after sales service.

  In addition to the locations mentioned above, there are copious numbers of small shops that sell 3C products and provide related services around various street corners throughout the city. Of course, they are life-savers for any sudden need, in particular smaller items, but it would be ill-advised to make big purchases at these small merchants.


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