Three Steps to Make a Perfect Vacation

Three Steps to Make a Perfect Vacation

Guys! After today, you need only to work 4 days before you enjoy a 7-day National Day holiday. Now, with the holidays just around the corner, HC would like to talk about some Chinese words about holidays - "Holiday Trilogy".


We should stay hopeful about life for happy things do happen in our otherwise mundane life. Before holiday, a spirit of modern Ah Q is very important!!!

After you count your fingers day by day, the holiday finally dawns. But what are the conditions for a happy holiday?


It means someone who gets your point quickly, he can not only pick up every hint you drop, but also respond nicely. A best hint-taker is a must for a happy holiday.

What's the meaning of holiday? No doubt the answer is free time. Time to activate the holiday mode which reverses the order of the day.


In the day time, people sleep soundly as if they have taken sleep pills, at night they feel refreshed and bouncy. When the holiday begins, this modern lifestyle gets activated automatically. When the holiday closes, effort must be used to deactivate this mode. 

Did you know how to use these words after today's Chinese class? Please leave your comments.


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