You Know Chinese Koi?

You Know Chinese Koi?

Xinxiaodai, a new "Chinese Koi", was just a "nobody" before October 7, after which nonetheless, topics related to her accounted for three of the top 10 among Weibo's trending topics, and therefore she had 900,000 new followers.


Koi symbolized wealth and good fortune in ancient times. In China's social network—Weibo especially, it has become a kind of common phenomenon to repost Koi-related contents for good luck. On September 29, Alipay launched a lottery on Weibo, to give a lucky person an annual super gift pack, with more than 2.8 million reposts. A Weibo user named "Xinxiaodai", with the good fortune of one in two million, became the "Chinese Koi" in 2018.

Netizens flocked to her home page, and volunteered to "Repost the Koi" for good fortune. This June, however, there was also a lucky dog.


In Tmall's 618 Event in 2018, e-commerce chose someone to give him/her gift packs provided by 618 big brands, which was reposted over 480,000 times. The one who got the luck was called "The Chosen One" by netizens.

How enviable the two "Koi Carps" are! Well, what is the largest prize you have ever won? Welcome to share with us about your lucky experience.


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