The life of contemporary people

The life of contemporary people

Today, we will not talk about the story of "0.01% of Koi and 99.99% of Channel Cat Fish". Neither will we join the hot talk of the officially and publicly announced marriage between the actress playing the "Queen of the Kingdom of Girls" and the actor playing "Tang Monk" in the revived movie adapted from the Story of Journey to the West. 

This time, I just wants to touch upon what we discuss in our chat about the real life of contemporary people?


This phrase refers to the trick of setting numerous alarm clocks and forcing oneself to get up by having to turn off the ringing alarm clocks one after another.


This phrase describes a scenario in which we dispel loneliness by keeping binge-eating although we are not hungry.


This is an interesting phenomenon that after some acquaintances of ours hit the "like" icon for a post in another guy's WeChat moment just as we did it we find we are friends of the same person.Though embarrassed, in order to avoid faux pas, we have to politely reply: "Aha,turns out you guys know each other."

Are there any ofthese cyber parlances your tags? 

Just drop a line and tell me which term applies to you. 


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