Got It | Let's Reading the Marketing Copy

Got It | Let's Reading the Marketing Copy

The end of October has started to usher in the Double 11 Shopping Festival.

Therefore, it is time to solve math problems as well as store up tissue and foods, and buy clothes for winter.

Have you ever heard your colleagues whisper at work?

"What are you going to buy during this festival?"

"Take a look! This copy inspires my interest in buying this product."

Double 11 Shopping Festival: On 11November 2009, Taobao launched its first online shopping festival themed by"Singles' Day", along with a slogan—"We Can Still Do a Shopping Spree without Boyfriend (Girlfriend)", and achieved an unanticipated turn over. November 11,therefore, becomes the shopping day of online shoppers (also known as the Chinese "Black Friday").

Every year, double 11 shopping festival is so hot thanks to the help of various marketing copy. In today's Chinese class, HC will talk about the marketing copy.


Marketing Copy: "Copy" first referred to the desk for books, but now it means the featured text describing products, pictures, activities, etc. Marketing copy is key to impressing customers by a product.

For example


It is so quiet, as if I were deaf.



Surrounded by warmth.

——Thick Wool Quilt

So, have you made the shopping list of the Double 11 Shopping Festival? 

Which copy of products is the most appealing to you?


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