Exemption from Inspection for Your Car

Exemption from Inspection for Your Car

    Foreigners who live in Chengdu with a car will have demands for applying for exemption from inspection. The following information is for your reference.

Motor vehicles exempt from inspection

    Non-commercial cars (including large cars) and small- and mini-sized passenger vehicles registered after September 1, 2010,

    Except those: (1) minibuses, vehicles with 7 or above seats; (2) vehicles involved in fatal traffic accident in recent 6 years; (3) vehicles registered more than 4 years after the date of production.


Documents to Prepare

    1.Original copy of Motor Vehicle Driving Permit or the owner's ID.

    2.The applicant's ID, interim ID, driving license, social security card (IC-type), or provide your name and ID number.

    3.Original copy of compulsory motor vehicle traffic accident liability insurance certificate. If your original copy is lost, you should provide a photocopied version with the stamp of your insurer. 

    4.Copy of tax or tax exemption certificate for vehicle or vessel; or compulsory motor vehicle traffic accident liability insurance certificate if the vehicle and vessel tax is included in it. 

    5.Notice on Entrusted Issue of Inspection Mark, in cases involving non-Sichuan motor vehicles exempt from inspection (you are not required to provide this since September 1, 2018).

    6.If the documents issuing departments in Item 3, 4, 5 are connected with the police department online, you are not required to provide relevant hard copy documents.


    Submit the materials at the service window → endorse the auxiliary driving permit, obtain the inspection mark

Processing Locations

    The Road Safety Service Platform (sc.122.gov.cn), 12123 mobile app, police post service stations across the city and vehicle management windows of the police. 

    Tel: 028-962122

Processing time limit

    Application should be settled within one working day from the date of acceptance. Suspectable vehicles, materials or certificates will be investigated (The duration of investigation is not included in the time limit).

    Note: Website of Chengdu Vehicle Administration Office has added a new function of applying of Inspection Mark for motor vehicles exempt from inspection on its online service platform, as well as the APP of "Jiaoguan12123" since July 30, 2017.


    1.The motor vehicle owner should get illegal act or traffic accident on road traffic safety related to the motor vehicle handled before application.

    2.The motor vehicle owner can apply for inspection mark three months before the expiry date.


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