About the Foreigner Work Permit

the guide for foreigner work permit annulment and replacement.

What are the economic risks in 2018?

Between politics and popular trades losing luster, there are boundless risks to keep you on your toes for the next 12 months. Here are some of the most important market themes

New Year's resolutions: How do you make one you will keep?

New Year is coming??lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking, learn a language - we can all reel off a list of typical resolutions made and broken. But BBC Rea...

Chengdu Agents Summit of the 2018 China Foreign Exchange Expo to Commence Soon

The Expo selected Chengdu as the first stop of its 2018 tour and will present to those interested in the finance and forex industries a chance to discuss about developments.

the Story of "Ouyang Laowai"

In 2013, finding the high-quality water in Lushan, Sichuan offered Ari a great business opportunity, which led him to begin his career in salmon aquaculture.

Colin Siyuan Chinnery X Sound Museum

From his perspective, every city boasts its own sound properties. It is a sound history created by the people who are living at each moment.

How I Memorize Chinese Characters

In July 2017, Phil Crimmins was granted the first Entrepreneurship Visa in Chengdu. Now, he is the co-founder of Mandarin Blueprint and a part-time drummer.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Promotion Conference in Qiaomengyuan, Jingrong Town, Pidu District, Chengdu held in Toronto

The Toronto Promotion Conference of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Qiaomengyuan, Jingrong Town, Pidu District, Chengdu was held in Toronto, Canada on June 2...

Chengdu Convenes 2017 Seminar of WIFI Int'l Standard for Professional Training

The 2017 seminar of WIFI int'l standard for professional training took place in Chengdu on May 5, 2017,

Instructions for Overseas Talents Settling in Chengdu

Talent recognition: Chengdu is the first city to increase organizations in charge of overseas talent recognition among cities at the same level. 25 member organ...