Chengdu Accelerates Establishment of International Business Climate Advanced City (Part I)


  On February 12, 2019, Chengdu hosted a press conference for the "Action Plan for Deepening Business Climate Comprehensive Reform and Establishment of International Business Climate Advanced City". At the event, leaders from relevant organs such as the Chengdu Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information Technology, Chengdu Tax Bureau, Chengdu Municipal Financial Regulatory Bureau, Chengdu Municipal Port and Logistics Office, Chengdu Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources Management, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and the Registration Sub-bureau of the Chengdu Municipal Market Supervision Bureau  reported about establishment status of the business climate of the city of Chengdu, the Action Plan for Deepening Business Climate Comprehensive Reform and Establishment of International Business Climate Advanced City (hereinafter referred to as Action Plan), support action plans and other relevant matters.


  The Action Plan will adopt a series of reform and innovative measures in the three aspects of market entry qualification openness, market competition openness and innovation and start-up climate. For projects with government investments such as infrastructure facility, opened platform and public service, competitive mechanism will be fully introduced, and Market Access Negative List (2018 edition) will be implemented; Rules for Engineering Projects with Required Tender will be implemented, and privately invested housing construction organizations will be granted autonomous rights to outsource contracts; foreign investment negative list management will be fully executed, and all market entry restrictions on foreign investments will be completely cleared and canceled except for those on the negative list. Job position and scientific and technological achievement rights mixed ownership system reform will be promoted, "three reviews-in-one" review and judgment model for intellectual property will be advocated, and expedited intellectual property case review and judgment mechanism will be innovated.

Legal Governance

  The Action Plan will adopt a series of reform and innovative measures in the three aspects of improvement in legal system establishment, property right protection in strict accordance with the law and improvement in social credit system establishment. Intensity will be raised to combat contract fraud, financial fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation, giving or receiving corporate bribery, violation of legal corporate rights and other criminal behaviors; a synergy and coordination mechanism between public security, procuratorate, court and ministry of justice will be created to protect corporate property rights; and property right protection and legal assistance system will be improved.


  Chengdu will improve business operation and production convenience by focusing on online governmental affairs management that will adhere to international standards. "One network for all processes" service model will be promoted, online processing of governmental affairs will be raised to 95% by the end of 2019 and 100% by the end of 2020, and reforms for the guarantee system for the whole process of corporate investment projects will be implemented in industrial function zones and industrial parks throughout the city. "Separation of certificate and license" will be advanced, the "first pass" streamlined administrative review and approval process reform new model based on the "first received certificate of the applicant" will be promoted, convenient corporate unregistration will be advanced in full, and "chief service officer system" for key projects will be established. "Regional assessment" will be implemented comprehensively, progress in intermediary service marketization will be advanced, and convenience for companies in tax payment, credit and loan acquirement, water supply, power supply and gas supply will be augmented.


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