Several Policies and Measures to Promote Accelerated Development of 5G Industry in Chengdu Printed and Issued


  A few days ago, the General Office of the Chengdu Municipal Government printed and issued the Several Policies and Measures to Promote Accelerated Development of 5G Industry in Chengdu (hereinafter referred to as Policies and Measures). The Policies and Measures entail support for the 5G industry from the six aspects of innovation and start-up, 5G product research and development, introduction and cultivation of 5G enterprises, industry cluster development, 5G network support improvement and optimization of development environment.

  The Policies and Measures proposes the provision of a one-off one million-yuan assistance to newly certified innovation and start-up venues like national-level 5G-oriented incubator and national-level university science and technology park; the provision of RMB300,000, RMB500,000 and one million-yuan assistance respectively to newly built municipal-level 5G-oriented makerspace, incubator and accelerator; and the provision of a maximum of five million yuan in assistance to encourage the utilization of unused resources for the renovation or expansion of 5G-oriented innovation and start-up venues. At the same time, support will be given leading enterprises to partner with higher education institutions, research institutes or other upstream or downstream enterprises on the industrial chain to realize industrial cluster synergistic innovation and to carry out joint troubleshooting of 5G key technology, with the provision of a maximum of ten million yuan in assistance; and support will be given to enterprises to implement 5G-oriented major scientific and technological innovation, with the provision of a maximum of two million yuan in assistance.

  In terms of 5G product promotion and application, the Policies and Measures focuses its support efforts on ultra hi-def video, smart medical care, smart driving, unmanned aerial vehicle, industrial internet and other areas with comparative advantage for the implementation of 5G trial and demonstrative application. For 5G-related model projects with new tech, new products, new business models and new formats that show conspicuous improvement in relevant industry, funding support equal to 20% of investment at a maximum of three million yuan will be given. For leading enterprises that reach business income thresholds of one billion yuan, three billion yuan, five billion yuan and ten billion yuan for the first time, a maximum reward of respectively RMB500,000, RMB1.5 million, RMB3 million and RMB5 million will be given to the core team (no more than RMB300,000 for an individual); for competitive 5G product research and development projects undertaken by enterprises that have reached industrialization, funding support equal to 20% of investment in the project at a maximum of three million yuan will be given.

  In addition, Chengdu will encourage 5G industrial cluster zones to team up with competitive enterprises, institutions of higher education or other organizations to establish public technology service platforms in aspects such as 5G product certification, application testing, external experimental venue, network performance monitoring and industry monitoring and analysis in accordance with top Chinese standards. Moreover, research and development enterprises will be provided with 5G network application testing sites based on SDN/NFV, platform support functions will be continuously improved and industrial parks' professionalized service quality will be continuously enhanced. Chengdu will offer funding support equal to 30% of investment for platform establishment at a maximum of ten million yuan to the platform-building party.


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