Chengdu Announced Implementation Proposal for Promoting Development of Creative Economy, Talents in the Creative Economy are Entitled to Maximum of RMB 3 Million in Support Part.1

   In recent days, the Implementation Proposal for Promoting Development of Creative Economy in the City of Chengdu (hereinafter shortened to Proposal), a program led and drafted by the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publication, was announced by the agency in partnership with other governmental bodies and organs such as the Chengdu Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Chengdu Municipal Economy and Information Technology Commission, Chengdu Coordinated Urban-Rural Development and Agriculture Commission, Chengdu Commerce Commission, Tourism Administration of Chengdu and Leading Group Office for the Cultural System Reform and Cultural Industry of Chengdu. 

   The Proposal aims to inherit innovative Tianfu culture as the nutrient and source for developing the creative economy, utilize optimized creative industrial spatial arrangement to develop seven major forms of industries in the creative economy and cultivate three major creative industry application scenarios, improve and perfect policies and measures, construct creative industry ecosystem and propel high quality expansion of Chengdu's creative economy.

Cultivate Two Creative Industry Unicorns by 2022 

   By 2022, Chengdu's goals include successful cultivation ofa pair of creative industry unicorns and more than 15 high-growth enterprises, record of more than RMB 260 billion in added value from the creative industry that centers on cultural creativity, bolster the industry's contribution to GDP to approximately 12%, and position the city as an internationally competitive and regionally influential cultural creativity center of western China. At the same time, Chengdu will optimize its creative industrial spatial arrangement, take advantage of the its own strengths in resources, focus on an in-depth implementation of main entity functional zone strategy, and reshape the geography of new economy, as well as to form a core zone for the creative industry.

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