Chengdu Hosts Opening-Up Conference, Shares Opening-Up Opportunities with the Rest of the World Part.2

New Benefits Unveiled, 45 Internationalized Communities and Clusters in Various Categories to be Built, 

Striving to Enact 144 Hours Visa-Free Entry Policy


   The city of Chengdu will holistically establish an international aviation main routes network with global coverage, and accelerate the deployment of "48+14+30" international passenger and cargo aviation strategic channels. Specifically speaking, steps will be taken to form a boutique business flight network that covers 48 major aviation hub cities and economically central cities across the globe; form international all-cargo flight routes to 14 of the world's key logistics node cities like Frankfurt, Chicago, Cincinnati and Amsterdam; form 30 high quality cultural tourism flight routes that cater to foreign exchanges and international consumption, elevate the frequency of flights to global business cities, emerging markets and tourist destinations, and actualize "flights available everyday" to the world's gateway airports. 

   At the same time, Chengdu will also speed up the pace in composing the guideline documents for the establishment of international communities, and attempt to build about 45 international communities and clusters under categories including industrial service, cultural education, commerce tourism and ecology, and residential and daily life in the next five years, so as to completely create an internationalized city suitable for living. Efforts will be made to promote internationalization of community formats, ensure community planning at high levels, strengthen design of structural exteriors and cultural landscapes, emphatically forge architectural appearances that embody features of different countries, and cultivate cultural, dining and entertainment ambiances that correspond to different nations; engender internationalization of public services, prolifically build and establish international schools, introduce a group of high-standard international schools and education teams, and provide active support to institutions of higher education in Chengdu to jointly build international schools in partnerships with other world-class institutions; accelerate the introduction of professionalized international hospitals, and encourage local medical care organizations to intensify international collaborations and obtain international certifications. Worth mentioning is that Chengdu will implement "one-stop" service for foreigners working in Chengdu, strive to enact 144 hours visa-free entry policy, and become the first in central and western China to realize entry and exit documentation processing "basically without needing to go anywhere".




New International Hallmarks, Learn from Advanced International Cities in Constructing "Three Cities and Three Metropolises," 

Promote the Establishment of Chengdu Court for Intellectual Property Rights

   Learning from advanced international cities, Chengdu will adopt the "Three Cities and Three Metropolises" principle in forging uniquely fabulous Chengdu hallmarks. 

   Specifically speaking, "famous world cultural city" will be established, which will require turning Chengdu into a high ground for international fashion and culture in the inland of China, showcasing the elegant and fashionable modern characteristics and leisurely and habitable daily life qualities of the city, and striving to position International Festival of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, Chengdu Creative and Design Week, Golden Panda Cultural and Creative Design Award and other programs as internationalized city cultural creativity brands. 

   The "famous world tourism city" will be established, which will require extensively extracting the quintessence of panda culture, Three Kingdoms culture, leisure culture, gastronomic culture and other types of cultures, forging four major tourism brands in giant panda, gastronomy, leisure and greenway, and building seven world-class tourism product systems, namely heritage sightseeing, leisure in the Hibiscus City, fashionable shopping, gastronomic experience, business conventions and exhibitions, cultural creativity and health rehabilitation vacation. 

   The "famous world competition city" will be established, which will rely on the construction of the Tianfu Olympic Sports City as the conduit, then accelerate the construction of international and world-class competition venues, speed up the pace in the building of public athletic and leisurely sports functional complexes, strengthen the introduction and cultivation of international branded contests, and nurture international sports competitions with Chengdu's own brands and Chengdu's signatures. 

The "famous world gastronomic metropolis" will be established, which will require accelerating the establishment of a global Sichuan cuisine exchange center, the development and cultivation of gastronomic consumption with international influence, the inheritance and promotion of "time-honored brands" and historically famous stores, forging of the annual "Chengdu Food and Tourism Festival," constructing a series of unique food street zones with unique Chengdu cultural elements and the integration of diverse business formats, and building core gastronomic zones where unique cultural formats are organically assimilated. 

   The "famous world music metropolis" will be established, which will require the construction of Chinese original music production bases, music facilities, equipment and musical instrument distribution venues, music copyrights trade exchanges, music performance venues and urban music leisure tourism destinations, so as to form an internationally influential modern music industry leading city. The "international convention and exhibition metropolis" will be established, which will require energetically developing "famous exhibitions, famous venues, famous companies and famous industries" with international fame, progressing international certification of convention and exhibition projects, and enhancing the world-wide popularity of the Western China International Fair.


Chengdu Hosts Opening-Up Conference, Shares Opening-Up Opportunities with the Rest of the World Part.1


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