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Chengdu Municipal Commission Economy and Information Technology


1. Implement guidelines and policies on industry and information application promulgated by the State, the province and the municipality; formulate and implement development plans for industry and information application; promote to optimize and upgrade the industrial structure as well as the integration of information application and industrialization; put forward the construction of military-civilian integration system.

2. Put forward policy proposal to optimize the industrial layout and structure; formulate and implement industrial technical rules and standards of industry and information application; guide the work related to quality management within the sector.

3. Take the lead in promoting the development of electronic information and rail transit, highlighting the development of aeronautics and aviation and bio-pharmacy industry, and accelerating the development of metallurgy and food industry.

4.  Monitor and analyze operational trends of industry, make statistics and release relevant information; conduct forecast and guide information of the industry; coordinate the settlement of problems occurred in the development of industries and suggest solutions; take charge of the work related to emergency responses, production safety and mobilization on national defense.

5. Propose fixed-assets investment scale and projects in the field of industry and information application and annual plans of fiscal funds for construction; responsible for promoting major industrialization projects throughout the city.

6. Formulate development plans for Made in China 2025; draft and implement development plans and policies for major technique equipment.

7.  Organize energy conservation and consumption reduction in the city and carry out energy conservation and emission reduction within the industry; guide the work related to conservation and comprehensive utilization of resources, clean production, elimination and transformation of outdated production capacity; coordinate and organize the promotion and application of major demonstration projects and new technologies.

8. Draft policies and measures to support large-scale enterprises; responsible for the macro guidance of the development of SMEs, and draft policies and measures promoting the development of SMEs and non-state-owned economy; promote international exchanges and cooperation and the establishment and improvement of service system; coordinate the settlement of major relevant problems.

9. Formulate and implement the planning for industrial and centralized industrial development zones, and guide the establishment and management of centralized industrial development zones; be responsible for industrial land allocation; coordinate the energy supply in the city; take charge of the work related to management of energy industry such as electricity and gas in the city, planning and construction of infrastructure and supply and demand of energy.

10. Draft policies encouraging technological innovation and transformation in enterprises, and guide the work related to transformation, innovation and introduction of technology.

11.  Coordinate and promote the work related to national economy and social information application, and draft and implement relevant guidelines; take charge of the work concerning the integrated planning, top-level design and coordination of big data; organize the planning, construction and management of communication network in the city; oversee the construction of important information and communication networks including exclusive network for Party and governments and network for emergency responses. 

12. Coordinate the management of information security in the city; guide and supervise the safety of key information systems and networks of government departments and key industries; guide the security precaution of information and take part in major events concerning network and information security.

13. Supervise and manage radio frequency resources and radio stations according to laws and regulations; take charge of the supervision and detection of radio and radio interference; maintain the air wave order and conduct control on radio. 

14. Undertake other duties assigned by the municipal committee and municipal government.

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